Outdoor Digital Signage Screens

Outdoor TV Advertising Display Screens

Wherever and whenever you need to get your promotional, advertising & marketing messages across, Aqualite high visability advertising display screens provides a dynamic, eye catching, cost effective, high impact mobile or static advertising displays for your marketing, advertising or promotional message.

The Aqualite range of super bright digital advertising display screens offer the highest possible visibility for your indoor or outdoor advertising campaign, ensuring maximum impact and ensuring that your marketing messages can always be seen by your target audience.

Our LED back-lit display screens offer more than double the brightness capability of your average LCD television. Glare and reflection is reduced by the addition of anti-glare and anti-reflective film coating that ensures high visibility under artificial indoor lighting or outside in broad daylight and bright sunny conditions.

Outdoor Advertising, Marketing & Promotion Campaigns

We’ll work with you to create and install digital advertising & signage systems that perfectly matches your marketing needs, target audience and environment. Through one point of contact, you have access to the highest quality outdoor signage technology, superior installers and an unrivaled service team.

Put in simple terms, the Aqualite range of outdoor digital TV displays will facilitate a new revenue stream in ways you never thought possible before.