Outdoor TV Display Screens For Lease

Aqualite Outdoor is a manufacturer of all weather, waterproof and weatherproof  anti glare LCD & LED TV display screens offering digital external, exterior, outdoor and outside advertising and signage displays for lease.

Aqualite Leasing Options

Minimum deal size:     £1,000+ with no upper limit.
Lease terms:                  1 – 5 Years
Business sectors:           All sectors considered.
Business types:              Start Ups, SME’s, Enterprises, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Charities, Education,
Assets funded:               FULL RANGE_-AQUALITE OUTDOOR SCREENS
Lease agreements:        Finance lease – This agreement is commonly used for financing technology
Operating lease –           An operating lease through our funding partners builds in a residual value that reduces the monthly payments too.

For more details of the AQLS, AQLH, AQLS-PC and  AQHS-PC range of outdoor, waterproof TV display screens, panels, displays & monitors for lease, please contact us on  (+44) 020 7586 6374 or use our contact form below