Aqualite Product Overview

Aqualite Outdoor are manufacturers, suppliers and trade distributors of commercial grade, specialist, IP66 rated outdoor TV digital display screens. These waterproof and weather resistant LCD and LED High Definition TV advertising and signage display screens are perfect for industrial, commercial and residential installations for ‘24/7 use’ and suitable for harsh and extreme outdoor conditions.

Aqualite Outdoor display screens are purpose-built and can withstand tropical humidity, desert heat or even arctic weather conditions. Not to be confused with a regular TV housed in an often bulky separate enclosure or protective casings. Aqualite Outdoor TVs are all IP66 rated and feature weatherproof speakers and fully waterproofed cables and connections

Choose your screen size!

Our ranges are available in the following screen sizes, simply choose the size to suit your application.
26″  32″  42″  55″  65″  70″  and  82″

Choose your Brightness!

AQLS Models – ‘S’ Stands for ‘Standard Brightness (500cd/m2)

Typically your LCD TV at home is 350cd/m2 or nits so our Standard Brightness models offer a higher brightness and are ideal for outdoor conditions where the screen is being used in the shade, such as under a canopy, awning or concourse etc.

AQLH Models – ‘H’ Stands for High Brightness (1,500cd/m2)

Our High Brightness models offer a higher brightness (three times brighter than our standard models) and are ideal for outdoor conditions where there is little or no shade, we refer to them as “Sunlight Readable”. Again, fully IP66 Rated, these are often used on yachts, roof terraces and pub beer gardens.

1) Aqualite Outdoor IP66 Product Range

2) Aqualite Outdoor IP66 Product Range – with Wi-Fi PC

3) Aqualite Outdoor IP66 Product Range – with TouchScreen

Go Large with Aqualite LED!

Our LED range offers ‘big screen’ at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a solution from 74″ to 134″ our LED panels may be just what you’ve been looking for. Designed to be viewed from a minimum of 5 metres away, they offer class-leading brightness of 6,500 cd/m2. They can’t really be described as a television but they’re designed to be affordable whilst creating instant impact!