Outdoor TV Screens – Waterproof TV Displays

The Outdoor Screen Company Ltd are UK manufacturers of the Aqualite Outdoor TV range of waterproof LCD and LED outdoor TV screens, outside TV advertising billboards, touch screen TV units and smart PC TV monitors

The glass screens in Aqualite Outdoor TV displays have an IK10 and IP66 rating and the electrical TV components are housed within a fully sealed, air tight, dust and moisture proof television unit. These waterproof TV screens protect against power hoses, heavy rain, sea spray, snow, sleet, sand, smoke, pollution, pollen, steam, damp and tropical humidity.

While outside temperatures may range from -20C to +55C, the interior of the television is thermostatically controlled to maintain the optimum internal operating temperature. These weatherproof TV screens give 24/7 extended use in desert sun, tropical heat and even freezing and frosty Arctic weather conditions.

Aqualite Outdoor TVs Customers & Clients

Outdoor TV Display Screen Features & Benefits

Aqualite Outdoor televisions offer many advantagess over placing an ordinary domestic TV screen ouside in a weatherproof cover, protective enclosure or security casing. These TV screens give high impact images in the harshest indoor and outdoor domestic, commercial, retail or industrial locations.

Anti Glare & Non Reflective TV Screens For Bright & Sunny Locations – If the weather is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensures that TV pictures can be read outside in bright day light or under direct sun shine or floodlights and inside in bright artificial lights. read more on anti glare TV screens

High Brightness TV Screens For Dull Weather Or Dimly Let Locations – the brightness levels in our backlight LED TV screen automatically adjusts to give the best possible picture quality and helps to save energy. read more on high brightness TV screens for dull and dark conditions.

Fully Sealed TV Units For Wet, Damp & Dusty Conditions – our IP66 rated TV screens are 100 % weatherproof and protect against all moisture, sea spray, humidity, steam, fog, mist, rain, sleet, snow, salt, pollution, smoke, sand, dust, pollen and insects. read more on waterproof TV screens

Thermostatically Controlled TV Interior For Extreme Frost & Heat – If the weather is too hot or freezing cold, the thermostat within the sealed TV unit ensures the interior remains at the very best working temperatures even though external temperatures may range from -20C to +55C. read more on frost & heat proof TV units

Outdoor TV Advertising & Signage Companies

Aqyalite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor LED billboard advertising display companies, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers in the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, Russia, India, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. more on outdoor TV distributor opportunities

Outdoor TV Screen Or Outdoor TV Cover?

What is the main problem with outdoor TV enclosures?

  • The cost of an Outdoor TV installation can be reduced by putting a normal indoor flat screen TV inside a weatherproof cover or enclosure
  • Picture quality will be severely compromised by glare from the two reflective surfaces of the TV screen and the glass enclosure.

Is it safe to place an indoor TV in an outdoor enclosure ?

  • With an indoor television in an enclosure there is the danger of the TV interior overheating. This could result in damage to the television components.
  • As the TV cools down after use, condensation may form on the delicate electronic components which could lead to electrical safety problems.
  • Unsafe and untidy cabling, as well as the bulk associated with placing an ordinary TV in an external casing can also cause problems.

Anti Glare & Anti Reflective TV Display Screens

Does an Aqualite Outdoor TV work in direct sunshine?

  • The television interior is thermostatically controlled so there is no problems with overheating.
  • Aqualite Outdoor add an anti glare film coating to the TV screen to reduce glare and reflection .
  • The anti glare film reduces TV glare from snow, sea or sun and ensures the brightest, high visibility, eye catching media displays.

How do I reduce glare and reflection from outdoor TV screens?

  • The anti glare TV screen ensures high visibility and high quality picture definition under strong artificial indoor lighting or outside in broad daylight and bright sunny conditions.
  • Our LED backlight, high brightness TVs offer more than double the brightness capability of your average household television.

Which is the best outdoor TV to use?

  • The Aqualite Outdoor range of weatherproof TV display screens make an ideal addition to home gardens, terraces, patios, jacuzzi, hot-tub and pool areas.
  • These televisions can also be used in factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, oil rigs, construction sites, airports, ships and ferries.