Outdoor TV Advertising Screens & Billboards

Aqualite Outdoor are UK manufacturers of outdoor TV screens, anti glare billboards, touch screen displays and smart TV monitors. These LED and LCD screens are designed for heavy and prolonged use as advertising billboards and digital signage displays in extreme weather conditions and in the harshest indoor or outdoor locations.

Outdoor TV Advertising Screens & Billboards The Aqualie Outdoor range of waterproof, weatherproof flat screen televisions are resistant to tropical rain, humidity, desert sun, sand, heat and even freezing and frosty Arctic weather conditions.

These heavy duty, retail, commercial and industrial use IK10 and IP66 rated TV display screens are also resistant to moisture, pollution, pollen, salt, insects and dust. The television interior is thermostatically controlled and the screen glass has an anti glare and anti reflective screen coating that ensures the brightest, high visibility, eye catching media displays both inside and outside.

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens can provide the best solution for internal and external entertainment, advertising, social distancing, digital signage or health and safety messaging in any indoor or outdoor location. Aqualite Outdoor TV creens are available in sizes from 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” to 136”.

Outdoor TV Advertising & Digital Signage Screens

Promotional Vehicles & Hospitality TrailersAdvertising Trailers & Food Trucks – These heavy duty outdoor TV screens are robust enough to be mounted on advertising trailers, hospitality vehicles, support buses, road show coaches, catering vans, food trucks and mobile clinics. The anti reflective TV screen ensures high impact, high visibility menu displays, branding, advertising and signage. more on display screens for  promotional vehicles & trailers

Pub & Beer Garden TV ScreensPub Gardens & Outside Seating Areas – Aqualite’s range of waterproof, weatherproof and football fan proof flat screen TV monitors can help owners of pubs, sports bars, hotels caravan sites and hoiday resorts to attract customers with live outdoor screening of movies, concerts, football matches and other sporting events. more on big screen outdoor TVs for pubs & beer gardens

Road Side Advertising BillboardsDrive Thru, Road Side & Car Parks  – Aqualite’s extra large, high brightness LED billboard screens ensure adverts and signage are hard to miss and easy to read. These billboards command attention at road side locations such as petrol stations, car sales lots, retail parks, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, distribution hubs and industrial estates. more on giant size LED billboards for road side & drive thru advertising

Public Transport & TravelPublic Transport & Travel Hubs – Aqualite Outdoor extra large TV display screens are suitable for displaying social distancing and Covid 19 health and safety updates in busy communal and retail areas of public transport hubs such as airports, ports, train and metro stations, bus and coach depots and ferry terminals. more on digital signage screens and billboards for public transport & travel hubs

Theme Parks & Tourist Attractions Theme Parks & Tourist Attractions  – These screens are suitable for multi media info and  retail advertising displays at tourist attractions, theme parks, zoos, museums, art galleries, visitor centres and amusement parks. Also for social distancing awareness, queue management and access control digital signage installations. more on digital signage display screens for theme parks & tourist attractions.

High Vis, Anti Glare & Non Reflective TV Display Screens

Digital FID, PID & Retail POS Display Screens


Aqualite indoor and outdoor big TV screens and digital displays units can be installed wherever and whenever you need to get your social distancing or Coronavirus messages across. Follow the link for more information on how social distancing digital signage can be used to help you and your business get back to work and keep safe.

We are currently recruiting digital signage, outdoor advertising equipment, audio visual and TV distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to develop our business and expand our distribution network in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, Russia, India, Africa, Middle East Far East and Australasia

If you are a company that is currently selling, renting or hiring outdoor digital signage display systems or outdoor advertising billboard screens then please contact us to learn about business opportunites selling the Aqualite range of outdoor billboards, screens, displays and signs.