Big Outdoor TV Screens, Displays & Billboards

Waterproof Outdoor TV ScreensAqualite Outdoor are UK outdoor TV advertising and signage screen manufacturers, supplying  AV and TV trade distributors in the USA, Canada, UAE and Europe with heavy duty, commercial and industrial use waterproof TV screens, extra large LED billboards, interactive touch TV displays and smart TV monitors.

The Aqualite Outdoor range of waterproof, weatherproof, dust proof, anti glare, high visibility LED and LCD TV screens offer the best quality public entertainment displays, outdoor advertising and external digital signage solutions.

Aqualite internal and external use IK10 and IP66 rated LED and LCD TV display screens designed and built for extended use in extreme weather and in the harshest outdoor and indoor locations. Screens are available in dimensions from  26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” to 136” . Extra large outdoor TV screens are available on request.

Large LED TV Advertising Billboards & Retail Displays

Extra Large Roadside Advertising BillboardsGiant size IP 66 big screen LED display billboards have traditionally been used for very large format advertising screens in popular locations such as Time Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London. We’re now introducing Aqualite extra large billboard screens with our class-leading big screen digital display technology. More on Large LED Billboard Screens

Aqualite LED billboards for external retail advertising displays in roadside locations such as drive thru restaurants, car sales sites and petrol stations. Also suitable for queue and traffic management signage displays in car parks, retail outlets and villages, supermarkets, shopping centres and shopping malls

Marine TV Screens For Luxury Yachts, Oil Rigs & Marinas

Marine TV Screen DisplaysAqualite Outdoor IP66 rated TV display screens are suitable for off shore, marine, naval and maritime use and resistant to sea water, salt, rain, snow, humidity, moisture and heat along with the harshest possible weather condition. More on Marine TV Screen Displays

Super yacht interior designers and luxury boat building companies such as Van Berge Henegouwen, Sunseeker, Princess, Azimut-Benetti Group, Bilgin Yachts, Icon Connect and Sitep Yachting continue to specify and install Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens and billboards as part of their on board signage, luxury AV entertainment or home cinema system installations.

IP66 Smart Factory TV Display Screens & Notice Boards

Smart Food Factory Display ScreensAqualite Outdoor LCD and LED TV display screens are purpose-built within an air tight, dust proof, water tight sealed enclosure. Thermostatically controlled screens can withstand heavy and prolonged use in industrial, miming or factory conditions as well as tropical rain and humidity, desert heat or freezing, cold arctic weather. More on Smart Factory Display Screens.

Aqualite big screen TV digital display screen monitors and billboards are suitable for use in smart meat, dairy and fish factories, abatoirs, breweries, bakeries, food production units, offices, warehouses and distribution centres.]

Anti Glare & Reflective TV Advertising & Signage Displays

Anti Glare Indoor & Outdoor TV Screens - 02, London, UKAqualite anti glare TV display screens will provide a cost effective, dynamic, eye catching, high visibility and high impact mobile or static internal or external display. These anti reflection billboard screens are perfect for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, outside digital signage or indoor info or menu display boards. More on Anti Glare TV Screens

Aqualite super bright digital advertising TV display screens offer the highest possible visibility for indoor or outdoor campaign. Your target audience.will easily be able to access and see multi media presentations and information

Mobile Advertising Billboards, Menu Boards & TV Displays

Mobile Digital Advertising ScreensAqualite Outdoor range of heavy duty commercial use TV display screens for high impact, big screen mobile, portable and road show signage, branding, advertising, marketing and promotional display campaigns. More on Mobile Promotional TV Displays

Aqualite high visibility TV screens are ideal as digital menu display boards in drive thru and fast food restaurants, on food trucks, catering vehicles and hospitality trailers. The heavy duty display screens are easily installed on the back of a pick up or van or mounted on the sides of promotional trucks, trailers, lorries, coaches or buses.

Interactive Multi Touch TV Menu & Map Display Screens

Touch TV Menu & Map Display Aqualite touch TV screens and display monitors offer interactive multi media  info, advertising, menu and map display solutions that will stop people in their tracks. More on Touch TV Screen Displays

Aqualite IP66 Rated Interactive Touch TV screens, displays and monitors help you to create powerful, engaging communications. Touch screens allow you to communicate with potential customers all day and every day. Best of all, they’re intuitive and easy to use in screen sizes 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” to 136” .