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Outdoor TV Screen Company – Large Outdoor TV Screens For Sale, Hire & Lease

Outdoor TV Screen Installers, Retailers & Suppliers In UK

Outdoor TV -

The Outdoor Screen Company are based in London and offer for sale a full range of waterproof IP66 and IK10 rated outdoor TV screens, big screen billboard signs, interactive touch TV displays and smart TV monitors. We are also the UK trade distributor of the Aqualite Outdoor range of weatherproof LCD and LED TV screens

Extra Large Outdoor Cinema Screens, Billboards & Video Walls

We can supply outdoor LED billboard screens and video walls in sizes up to 6m x 3m. We also offer a design and build service for extra-large billboard display screens and a bespoke service for outdoor events, public screenings, digital signage or advertising campaigns.

Aqualite display screens are suitable for use in harsh and extreme locations such as factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, oil refineries, construction sites, airports, ships, shipping ports, gas and oil rigs in arctic, desert or even tropical locations.


Outdoor TV -Outdoor Digital Signage Display Screens

These high brightness TV display screens and LED billboards provide dynamic, eye catching and high impact mobile or static displays for digital signage, queue management and promotional campaigns. Contact the Outdoor Screen Company for the best prices and deals in London and UK

Outdoor TV -Touch Screen TV Display Monitors

Our outdoor touch screen TV monitors display interactive multi media solutions that will attract your customers attention, keep them engaged AND keep them informed. Display touch screen maps, virtual guides, live video feeds, advertisements and forthcoming event information. Read our frequently asked questions before buying an outdoor TV screen for residential, retail, commercial, marine and industrial use.

Outdoor TV -Big Screen Advertising Billboards & Displays

The Outdoor Screen Company supply giant LED advertising billboard displays, POS retail screens & electronic messaging boards. Built for extra large digital signage and advertising displays in car parks or on highway, street and roadside installations

Outdoor TV -Display Screens For Food Trucks & Ad Kiosks

These high visibility TV display screens are ideal for portable and mobile marketing, promotional and advertising installations. Robust enough foruse on food trucks, exhibition trailers, mobile clinics, catering units, hospitality vehicles, company road show vehicles, support coaches and buses

Outdoor TV -Anti Glare & Anti Reflective TV Screens

If the weather is too bright, our anti glare protective films & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable. Reduces glare and reflection by up to 90% outdoors in bright sunshine and inside under bright artificial lighting.

Outdoor TV -Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & Patios

Rain, humidity and waterproof IP66 rated outdoor use TV screens are perfect for watching football or movies in the garden, terrace, hot tub, swimming pool or patio area. Also suitable for indoor use in wet and damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Outdoor TV Screens For Sale, Hire & Lease

Aqualite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen installers, retailers, distributors and suppliers. Join us to develop outside advertising and digital signage sales opportunities in the UK.

Read more on outdoor TV retailer opportunities in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Newcastle and Bradford.


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