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Heathrow Airport – Airport LED TV Digital Signage Display Screens

Outdoor TV -

Airport LED TV Digital Signage Display Screens

Digital signage systems using LED TV display screens and monitors have become the established way to broadcast fast changing passenger and travel information in airports, train stations and other public transport hubs,

These extra large, anti glare LED TV screens are also used for POS display billboards and retail advertising in airport restaurants and duty free shops.

At Heathrow Airport, Aqualite Outdoor LED TV screens are used to display key performance indicator info and air cargo handling, sorting and freight forwarding information in cargo, warehouse and distribution areas.

Outdoor TV -Chris Fahey who is Head of IT at Courier Facilities at London’s Heathrow Airport takes up the story.

We found Aqualite after looking for a modern solution to provide our ground staff with information during the day. We were previously using a whiteboard and decided it was time to upgrade to something more high tech.

Airport Digital Signage Display Screens

Ultimately, the decision to go with an Aqualite outdoor screen came down to the fact that their screens are specifically manufactured to situations like ours. We needed a weatherproof outdoor display that was fit for our purpose & that wouldn’t break the bank.

We currently use our screen airside at our Heathrow airport cargo facility to provide real time updates and information on delivery bay allocation and shipments to our ground staff.

We’ve noticed a measurable increase in our coordination and efficiency as an organization since installing the display screen.

Airport LED TV Digital Display Screens

Having the ability to remotely update the information we broadcast to employees in real time is a world apart from our old system and I don’t think we can ever go back!

Outdoor TV -We were initially worried that finding an outdoor screen capable of withstanding the extreme weather conditions like the high speed winds and hail storms we experience at Heathrow Airport would be impossible.

But after 5 years, our Aqualite is still going strong without a single issue whatsoever.

I think going with a dedicated manufacturer like Aqualite rather than trying to use an outdoor case with a TV inside it has made a difference as this screen is very solid and has done a reliable job every day.

Overall my experience with Aqualite has been excellent since the beginning, the team made an obvious effort to make sure they understood my needs and that I would receive the right piece of technology for my situation.

The screen was affordable, arrived on time, and has surprised me with its durability. I’d most definitely recommend Aqualite to anyone in need of an outdoor TV screen.’

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