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Anti Glare TV Screens – Anti Reflective TV Display Screens & Billboards

Anti Glare & Non Reflective TV Screens & Billboards

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Enhance Visibility with Aqualite Anti-Glare TV Display Screens:

Aqualite Outdoor takes pride in manufacturing advanced anti-glare and non-reflective TV screens, displays, and billboards. These innovative outdoor displays are engineered using glass with exceptional anti-glare and reflection reduction properties.

Four-Layer Anti-Reflective Coating: All Aqualite anti-reflective TV screens undergo a meticulous process, being coated four times with glare reduction and anti-reflective coatings on both sides of the glass.

Optimal Outdoor Visibility: The anti-glare protective coatings ensure that Aqualite’s outdoor TV displays deliver clear visibility even in direct sunlight and bright artificial LED lighting conditions.

Reduction of Glare and Reflection: Glare and reflection from glass screens are inherent challenges, especially in bright areas. Aqualite’s coatings help absorb additional glare and significantly reduce reflection, making these displays suitable for sunny outdoor locations and indoor spaces with high ambient light.

Additional Anti-Reflective Film: For exceptionally bright areas, an extra layer of anti-reflective film can be added to reduce sun and snow glare by an additional 65%. This film is easy to apply, available at the time of ordering, and can be retrofitted later if needed.

Versatile Sizes and Customization: The provided sizes are cut to fit Aqualite screens, but they are also compatible with various other TV brands. For bespoke sizes, Aqualite can cut the film to order, offering flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Downloadable Fitting Instructions: Aqualite provides clear fitting instructions for the anti-glare TV and non-reflective screen film, ensuring easy and effective application.

Advanced Film Properties: Silicone resin adhesion with no residue, no color-tint, removable as required, direct impact protection, H3 hard coat finish for scratch resistance, operation temperature range from -30ºC to 75ºC, good protection from the elements, and 90% UV protection from 300nm to 500nm.

Crystal Clear Image: Despite the anti-glare features, Aqualite’s displays maintain a crystal-clear image, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience.

Substantial Glare Reduction: The anti-reflective coatings reduce glare by an impressive 90%, contributing to an optimal viewing environment.

Aqualite Outdoor’s commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that their anti-glare TV screens deliver outstanding performance, making them the ideal choice for diverse outdoor and indoor applications.

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