Anti Glare TV Screens, Displays & Billboards

Aqualite Outdoor anti glare TV screens, displays and billboards are manufactured using glass with anti glare and reflection reduction qualities.

If the outdoor or indoor lighting conditions are too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure that the TV display screens are fully readable outdoors in bright sun shine and inside in bright artificial lights

Anti Glare & Anti Reflective TV Screen Displays

All Aqualite anti reflection TV screens are coated a total of four times with a glare reduction and anti reflective coating on both sides of the glass. This helps to absorb additional glare and reduce reflection when used in sunny outdoor locations or indoor locations where high ambient light is a feature.

Glare and reflection from glass TV screens can never be fully eradicated, however, if your screen, display, sign, monitor and billboard installation is going to be in a location particularly prone to high brightness levels, you can consider adding an additional layer of anti-reflective film.

This will help to reduce sun and snow glare by an additional 65%. It’s easy to apply (and remove if required) and can be supplied at the time of ordering your screen or you can purchase at a later date and fit retrospectively.

The sizes below are cut to fit Aqualite screens however they’re also suitable for a wide range of other branded TV products. Alternatively if you have a project where you may need bespoke sizes, we can cut our film to order, so please do get in touch. We’d be happy to help!

Download Anti Glare TV & Non Reflective Screen Film Fitting Instructions

  • Silicone resin adhesion – No residue from glue or paste
  • No color-tint
  • Removable (as required)
  • Direct impact protection
  • H3 – Hard coat finish (does not easily scratch)
  • Operation temperature: -30ºC – 75ºC (-22ºF – 167ºF)
  • Good protection from the elements
  • UV protection by 90% from 300nm~500nm
  • Crystal clear image
  • Reduces Glare by 90%

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