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Aqualite Giant Billboards Show The Way in Nigeria

Aqualite LED Screens Shines Bright in Nigeria Gas Fields

Outdoor TV -The Outdoor Screen Company proudly announces the successful execution of a groundbreaking project in Nigeria. Three units of 4m x 2m LED screens, manufactured by Aqualite, now illuminate the landscape at NLNG (Nigeria LNG Limited), a key player in harnessing Nigeria’s abundant natural gas resources.NLNG stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Their mission? To produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids, leveraging Nigeria’s vast natural gas reserves. As NLNG expanded, they recognized the need for cutting-edge technology to enhance their operations.

Navigating Complexity with Aqualite

Real-Time Navigation: NLNG’s sprawling plant demanded a real-time, up-to-date navigation system. From freight transport logistics to product efficiency, precision was paramount.

Harsh Environments: NLNG’s internal and external environments posed challenges. Extreme conditions required robust solutions.

Enter Aqualite: The Outdoor Screen Company

Approximately a year ago, NLNG turned to us, their trusted supplier, with an urgent requirement: three large LED fully weatherproof outdoor screens. Some would be installed outdoors, while others would find their place within the plant.

  • Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 4 meters x 2 meters
    • Pixel Pitch: P5
    • Control: Full video matrix

Why Aqualite?

We meticulously evaluated several companies, but Aqualite stood out. Their track record in similar projects, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality made them the clear choice.

Aqualite’s Triumph

  1. Timely Delivery: Despite delays on our end, Aqualite delivered as promised.
  2. Reliability: The screens weathered the elements, performing flawlessly in bright sunlight and adverse conditions.
  3. Shipping Expertise: Aqualite even organized the shipping—a seamless process.

NLNG’s Verdict

“Good job all round, Aqualite,” declares Radial Circle, the intermediary company that facilitated this collaboration. NLNG’s satisfaction speaks volumes.

A Shared Vision

NLNG’s journey mirrors the indomitable human spirit—overcoming challenges, achieving the extraordinary. At The Outdoor Screen Company, we’re honored to have played a role in NLNG’s pursuit of excellence.

About The Outdoor Screen Company

Based in London, we specialize in outdoor TV screens tailored for diverse applications across the UK. From weatherproof garden TVs to giant LED advertising billboards, our solutions redefine outdoor viewing. For further information, please contact us