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Aqualite TVs – A Resilient Choice For Freezing Conditions

Outdoor Screen Durability Tested in Arctic Conditions

Outdoor TV -The Outdoor Screen Company, renowned manufacturers of the Aqualite brand of monitors, celebrates a successful partnership with The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead that has endured for over seven years.

The Aqualite screens, installed at The Snow Centre, have proven their mettle in extreme conditions, making them the preferred choice for this winter wonderland.

IP66 Display Screens At The Snow Centre In Hemel Hempstead

When The Snow Centre embarked on a rigorous evaluation of outdoor screens, they scrutinized various options available in the market. These screens were subjected to the unforgiving cold of minus temperatures, simulating the harsh environment in which they would operate. The verdict was unanimous: Aqualite stood out for its exceptional durability and performance.

Why Aqualite?

Cold-Weather Resilience: Unlike other screens that faltered under extreme cold, Aqualite monitors thrived. Their robust construction and cutting-edge technology ensured uninterrupted operation even in freezing conditions.

Content Delight: Parents and children visiting The Snow Centre have reveled in the captivating content displayed on Aqualite screens. Whether it’s showcasing skiing tips, snowboarding highlights, or heartwarming moments captured on the slopes, the screens have become an integral part of the visitor experience.

Self-Reflection on the Slopes: A unique feature of Aqualite screens is their ability to reflect the joy of skiing. Visitors catch glimpses of themselves as they carve through the snow, creating lasting memories.

Management’s Verdict

“We have been very pleased with the Aqualite screens,” states the management at The Snow Centre. “Given the challenging conditions we work in, these monitors have exceeded our expectations. Not only do they withstand the cold, but they also enhance the overall ambiance for our visitors.”

An Excellent Product

The Outdoor Screen Company takes pride in providing cutting-edge solutions that elevate user experiences. The longevity of the Aqualite brand at The Snow Centre is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

About The Outdoor Screen Company: The Outdoor Screen Company specializes in high-performance outdoor displays, catering to diverse industries such as sports, entertainment, hospitality, and retail. Their Aqualite monitors redefine outdoor viewing, combining durability, clarity, and interactivity.

About The Snow Centre: Located in Hemel Hempstead, The Snow Centre offers year-round indoor skiing and snowboarding experiences. It serves as a hub for winter sports enthusiasts, families, and beginners seeking the thrill of the slopes.