Southfield Primary – Large TV Display Screens For Schools & Nurseries

Big TV Display Screens For Schools & Colleges

Aqualite high visibility digital display screens can be installed in schools, colleges and universities to set up an indoor and outdoor information channel that can convey announcements and information to target audiences in a clear, accurate, and timely way across multiple sites or within a particular venue.

The Southfield Primary School in Luton, Bedfordshire converted to become an academy and form the Pioneer Learning Trust in January 2019, joined by Whitefield Primary Academy and Chantry Primary Academy.  The trust is a small but growing group of schools working collaboratively in partnership to achieve a shared educational vision and values.

John Taylor who heads the  ICT Department at Southfield Primary School takes up the story.

‘About 8 years ago my colleagues in the ICT department were looking for a weather proof screen to go outside as part of a new renovation for the school. Looking for a piece of tech like that back then was proving to be very difficult, and then trying to find something from an affordable manufacturer was making matters even worse, it almost seemed like it wasn’t going to happen, but luckily we found Aqualite.

I saw that Aqualite were based & manufacture in the UK and I thought it was a good idea to call in just to be sure that I was buying the right product. They were super helpful and assured me that I’d be getting exactly what I needed for the job. The screen is still up and running today after 8 years of everything the British weather has thrown at it, and after all this time I’m still receiving tremendous customer support almost a decade later.

We purchased the screen as an educational tool in the children’s playground, simple things like how & when to brush your teeth, what’s on the lunch menu, date sof up coming events & directions for parents on parents evenings etc etc

Choosing a company that manufactured their screens in the UK made things much smoother, and the fact that they clearly care about their customers will always be invaluable to us.

The screen was a fantastic addition and well worth the money. We couldn’t be happier’

UK Ford Car Sales

Ford – Big Drive Thru & Road Side Advertising Billboards & Screens

Large Road Side TV Advertising Displays & Billboards

Aqualite Outdoor are delighted to announce the installation of what we hope will be a number of outdoor LED advertising billboards for a road side, car park display at Haynes Bros Ltd, Ford Car Sales Dealers in Maidenhead.

We were originally contacted by the IT department at the car dealership to enquire about our range of IP 66 rated outdoor weatherproof LCD and LED TV advertising screens and we discussed the various issues and challenges which related to the road side site, to determine the best product and specification screen to supply.

Robin Menen of Aqualite takes up the story. ‘ The Aqualite Outdoor range of big TV screens and LED billboards are suitable for all road side locations such as petrol stations, car sales lots, transport cafes, diners, retail parks, distribution centres and commercial, business and industrial estates.

The screens are designed to work in all weathers from freezing Arctic conditions to Tropical heat and humidity and offer high visibility even in direct sunlight with anti reflective and anti glare screen coatings that ensure marketing messages are hard to miss and easy to read.’

Haynes Bros Ltd (Ford-Maidenhead) had occupied the site for many years and traditionally utilised a 2m x 2m static “billboard” type vinyl sign used to advertise and promote various car sales offers and display information throughout the year.

This big vinyl advertising sign was located at the entrance to their car showroom and angled towards oncoming traffic and pedestrians for the best visibility and exposure.

Their problem was that every time they wanted to run a promotion or change the advertising messages in any way- they had to design and get their signage company  to reprint a large vinyl replacement advertisement which would  then replace the current sign message being used.

This was not only costly but also took time and effort to do,  not to mention that they found themselves restricted in terms of being able to offer multiple advertising promotions from the single sign.

Aqualite Outdoor discussed the various challenges including orientation, brightness and viewing distances involved and decided, along with Haynes, that a pixel pitch of 3.9mm was the optimum LED module to use housed in the existing frame from the old vinyl sign. The brightness of the new Aqualite outdoor LED billboard needed to be controlled at night, so as not to dazzle drivers.

After planning consents had been obtained, Aqualite Outdoor installed a brand new 2m x 2xm P3.9 LED advertising billboard that could be connected to the Ford car dealership’s internal LAN, allowing for the real time updating and ever changing delivery of car sales adverts, car promotions and high impact Ford marketing messages.

Aqualite Outdoor thanks Haynes Bros Ltd in Maidenhead for the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of their big screen LED advertising billboard range. We look forward to providing further outdoor advertising display screens at other car showrooms and car sales forecourts manged by the Haynes Ford dealership.

Extra Large TV Screens For Pubs With Outside Beer Gardens

Pub Garden LED TV Display Screens For Use Outside

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screens for use outside are a real boon for publicans and bar owners especially if they have outside smoking areas, beer gardens or terraces. By installing an outdoor TV owners can attract customers, boost trade and allow their customers to enjoy the horse racing, golf, tennis and football outside with the good summer weather.

The economics are fairly straightforward from an end user’s perspective. A moderately busy town or city pub can turn over £2,000 to £3,000 in an hour.

By providing entertainment, publicans and bar owners can extend the busy period before and after music or sporting event screenings.

They can also increasing the capacity of the pub, bar or hotel by making an outdoor space productive. The rate and return on an investment in outdoor TV screen installations is pretty impressive.

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens will keep your customers flowing in this summer and in the future. For UK and European trade and export enquiries or to find your local Aqualite Outdoor TV screen supplier, distributor or installer please contact us.

Outdoor TV – Touch TV Screens, Video Walls, LED Billboards & Signs

Outdoor TV Size – 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” 136”

Aqualite is a manufacturer of waterproof and weatherproof TV display panels, offering 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” 136” IP66  rated LED, LCD & HD TV’s. Our distributors offer big screen digital signage and flat screen advertising displays for sale, lease and to rent.

Outdoor TV - 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” 136”

The AquaLite Outdoor range of Full HD outdoor big screen TV displays pair state-of-the-art Full HD, LED backlight LCD technology with an outstanding IP66 weatherproof rating.

Specified and priced to enable you to make the most of the opportunities presented by the summer sporting calendar, the AquaLite Outdoor range of flat screen tvs benefits from a specialist focus that will help you develop value-added opportunities well into the future.

AquaLite Outdoor – manufacturers of outdoor tv screens for and hostile environments

Purpose-built for outdoor applications

• Screen sizes and dimensions 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” 136”
• IP66 rated .the best currently available
• 1500 candelas .sunlight readable (*AQLH models only)
• Anti-reflective glass .suitable for
• Any outdoor application
• Full HD .great for sports, movies and digital signage
• Built-in analogue / digital tuners
• USB & SD memory card slots for
• Digital Signage
• Low operating cost .adjustable
• LED backlight(*AQLH models only)
• Toughened glass and security
• Bracket available
• All necessary cables supplied
• Direct into waterproof cable entry system (inc RS232)

Weather, Water, Heat, Humidity, Dust, Insect & Damp Proof TV

Heat, Humidity, Dust, Insect & Damp Proof TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor  TV screens and display panels are resistant to rain, sleet, snow, ice, high humidity, low humidity, heat, sunlight, dust and insects.

Combining modern cutting edge design with the latest LCD TV technology, the Aqualite range of IP66 waterproof & weatherproof TVs are suitable for outdoor and indoor entertainment, outdoor digital signage & external advertising displays.

Aqualite”s range of  outside TVs even come with fully waterproof cables and connections for installation in gardens and patios, in damp or wet areas around swimming pools or even for use in harsh marine enviroments on board yachts and boats.

Designed with stylish weatherproof casings, 6mm toughened glass and an anti-glare and anti-reflective film, our LCD, LED, HD & Smart TV screens deliver crystal clear digital images for all outside locations, whatever the weather, come rain or shine.

Follow the link for more information about becoming a distributor or supplier of Aqualite”s range of waterproof, weatherproof, heat proof, humidity proof, insect resistant outside TVs and display panels.

London Outdoor Music, Art, Media & Performance Events

Big Screen Outdoor TV Billboards & Displays In London

This ground-breaking exhibition that, uniquely enabled video art to be incorporated into an outdoor natural setting, was made possible by using state-of-the-art waterproof and weatherproof TV displays developed by Aqualite Oudoor.

Wild New Territories is an exhibition showing new visual art, media and performance works that explore the interplay between the urban and the wild.

The artists are a broad cross-section of award winning and emerging, artists from a variety of geo-political backgrounds in an unusually natural setting: Camley Street Natural Park in the middle of Kings Cross.

Inhabited by hundreds of diverse species, not normally found in the middle of a concrete metropolis, these wild species will be joined by established artists including Gillian Wearing, Michael Landy, Kathy Kenny, Ron den Daas, Gordon Cheung, and American artist, Edgar Heap of Birds, working in a variety of challenging and site specific ways.

“Wild New Territories” selected the best, affordable, high tech TV display panels with features especially adapted for conditions requiring weatherproof display.

For many weeks, the monitors were able to withstand the rigors of England”s inclement weather conditions; unremitting rain, low temperatures, dirt, dust, fluids, and wildlife interventions!

By using Auqualite”s cutting edge electronics, Wild New Territories was able to present video art outdoors in a truly original and novel exhibition context, in a manner that was relevant to the ecological themes of the show.

“Wild New Territories” would like to thank Auqualite for their “wild new technology”, and their innovative support for our exhibition!

This is a world touring exhibition premiering in London then moving to Vancouver, then Berlin. The London exhibition will take place from September 19th 2012 at Camley Street Natural Park (until October 31, 2012 12 Camley Street, London, N1C 4PW.

Ekrany Reklamowe Telewizorów Zewnętrznych

Ekran TV Zewnętrznej Odporny Na Wodę I Warunki Atmosferyczne

Aqualite to zupełnie nowa jakość na rynku monitorów pogodoodpornych. Urządzenia tej marki, niezwykle popularne w Wielkiej Brytanii, dostępne są już również w Polsce. Podstawowym atutem pogodoodpornych monitorów Aqualite jest wysoki poziom ochrony przed wodą i pyłem, niezawodna praca oraz bardzo atrakcyjna cena, niespotykana do tej pory w monitorach tej klasy.

Poziom ochrony IP66, zgodny z Polską Normą (PN-EN 60529:2003), oznacza całkowitą ochronę przed wnikaniem pyłu oraz ochronę przed silnym strumieniem wody z dowolnego kierunku. Te cechy oraz możliwość pracy w zakresie temperatury od -25°C do +46°C czynią z niego monitor zdolny pracować w niemal każdych warunkach i wielu wymagających miejscach – pubach, barach, stadionach, ogrodach zoologicznych, parkach, szkołach, boiskach, basenach, Aquaparkach czy nawet w klubach golfowych i na jachtach – wszędzie tam, gdzie wymagana jest najwyższa jakość obrazu i niezawodność działania.

Wszystkie monitory Aqualite wyposażone są w panel LCD o żywotności aż 60.000 godzin oraz mogą pracować w trybie 24/7. Dostępne są dwie serie monitorów – z podświetleniem CCFL (jasność 500cd/m2) oraz Direct LED (jasność 1500 cd/m2). Wszystkie monitory Aqualite wyświetlają obraz w wysokiej rozdzielczości Full HD (1.920 x 1.080) z kontrastem aż 10.000:1. W skład każdej serii wchodzą monitory o przekątnych 32”, 42”, 55” oraz 65”.

Monitory Aqualite wyposażone są w szereg 3-metrowych, najpopularniejszych przewodów w tym HDMI, VGA, RS232 (do sterowania monitorem) czy przewody audio. Odczyt materiału możliwy jest również za pośrednictwem portu USB. W zestawie znajdują się również wydajne, wodoodporne głośniki.

Wszystkie monitory Aqualite objęte są 2-letnią gwarancją producenta.

Kliknij tutaj, aby uzyskać więcej informacji o pogodoodpornych i wodoszczelnych monitorach Aqualite

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Waterproof TV Screens For Garden, Pool & Hot Tub

Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & PoolsAqualite IK10 and IP66 rated outdoor TV screens  feature weatherproof speakers and fully waterproof cables and connections and are perfect for  ‘24/7 external use’ in the most harsh and extreme outdoor conditions.

These screens are for displaying dynamic, multimedia, advertising and promotional material digital signage, electronic messaging and public information. Respected and enjoyed at the world’s biggest outdoor sports events and music festivals. In addition, screens are ideal for the garden, hot tub,, patio  pool, bathroom or kitchen.

Domestic & Business Outdoor TV Display Screen Installations

Business Outdoor TV Display Screen Installations

Browse a selection of our commercial, industrial, domestic, residential  and business outdoor TV installations which rely on Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens and monitors


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