Big Screen Outdoor LCD & LED TV Displays

Aqualite Outdoor TV are UK manufacturers of big screen, outdoor, weatherproof LED TV digital display screens. With our long standing experience in the LCD outdoor TV screen market and due to the ever growing demand for larger and more cost effective advertising displays and digital signage screens, we’ve just got BIGGER!

Aqualite Outdoor LCD TV screens are available in 32” 42” 55” 65”  and 75” screen sizes and the outdoor LED TV screens are available with 74 inch, 100 inch and 136 inch screens.

Large Outdoor LCD & LED TV Display Screens

74”, 100” & 136” Outdoor LED TV Screens

We’ve developed a range of extra large, IP rated outdoor LED TV screens which are waterproof and weatherproof and designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions We’ve developed three of the most popular screen sizes. Available in 74”, 100” and 136”. This is the viewable area measurement and is taken diagonally from corner to corner.

Big Screen Outdoor TV Features & Benefits

LED has traditionally been used for very large billboard display screens as found in popular locations such as Time Square and Piccadilly Circus. LED module technology is constantly evolving driven partly by ‘Pixel Pitch’ – this is essentially the density of each individual pixel which directly reflects on the visual quality of the overall picture. For example, a pixel pitch ‘P5’ is designed to have a minimum viewing distance of just 5 metres.

With a class-leading brightness of 6,500 nits, available in three large (off-the-shelf) screen sizes.

Aqualite indoor and outdoor big LED TV screens and digital displays units can be installed wherever and whenever you need to get your social distancing or health & safety messages across. Follow the link for more information on how digital signage can be used to help you and your business get back to work and keep safe.

 Quick and Easy Plug & Play Solution!
These new large format LED screens offer an out-of-the-box, quick to install solution, there’s no individual LED modules to wire and connect. We’ve taken this hassle away. Fast and simple, they’ll offer a dynamic way to display fast moving advertising and live feed video content to large and demanding outside audiences.

Brightness for ANY outdoor condition!
Aqualite outdoor LED screens have a much higher brightness than their LCD TV counterparts. At 6,500 nits (cd/m2) they’ll deliver class-leading brightness and visibility even in extreme high ambient light conditions.


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