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Extra Large Outdoor TV Screens – Big Screen Outdoor TVs & LED Displays

Large Outdoor TV – Big Screen LED TV Displays

Aqualite Outdoor TV are UK manufacturers of big screen, outdoor, weatherproof LED TV digital display screens. With our long standing experience in the LCD outdoor TV screen market and due to the ever growing demand for larger and more cost effective advertising displays and digital signage screens, we’ve just got BIGGER!

Aqualite Outdoor LCD TV screens are available in 32” 42” 55” 65”  and 75” screen sizes and the outdoor LED TV screens are available with 74 inch, 100 inch and 136 inch screens.

Large Outdoor LCD & LED TV Display Screens

Outdoor Advertising & Digital Display Screens

Outdoor TV -Outdoor Event TV Advertising & Signs – Large outdoor TV screen ensure high impact, high visibility outdoor event advertising and signage displays. These commercial outdoor rated TV screens are also robust enough to be mounted on advertising trailers, hospitality vehicles, support buses, road show coaches, catering vans, food trucks and mobile clinics.  more on IP66 LED TV screens for promotional trailers & food trucks

Outdoor TV -Anti Glare TV Display Screens – The Aqualite Outdoor range of anti glare, non reflective TV display screens make great digital menu displays for restaurants, hotels, caravan sites and holiday resorts. They are also perfect for showing live football matches outside  pub beer gardens and sports bars, more on weatherproof outdoor TVs for pubs & beer gardens

Outdoor TV -Extra Large Advertising Billboards  – Aqualite’s extra large outdoor TV advertising billboard screens ensure adverts and signage are hard to miss and easy to read. These giant billboards command attention at road side petrol stations, car sales lots, retail parks, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, distribution hubs and industrial estates. more on giant billboards for road side & drive thru advertising

Outdoor Use Digital Signage Display Screens

Outdoor TV -Outdoor Touch TV Display Screens – Aqualite touch TV display screens and electronic message boards can deliver travel information and health and safety updates in busy areas of public transport hubs. Also for retail  advertising displays in airports, ports, train and metro stations, bus and coach depots and ferry terminals. more on touch TV screens for public transport & travel hubs

Outdoor TV -Outdoor Digital Signage Displays  – These outdoor TV screens are suitable for digital signage, retail advertising & restaurant menu displays at tourist attractions such as zoos, museums and art galleries. Also for social distancing awareness, queue management and access control at visitor centres theme parks and amusement parks. more on digital signage displays for theme parks & tourist attractions.


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