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Social distancing digital signage screens are the key to maintaining the health and safety of employees and customers and the community in general. Properly directing your staff and informing customers of social distancing measures is now more important than ever.

The Aqualite Outdoor range of display screens offer high visibility, high impact social distancing signage solutions to meet the most recent COVID-19 awareness, health and safety guidelines and recommendations. Whether the signs you need are indoor or outdoor, these digital signage solutions can be easily managed and updated.

As shopping malls and retail villages, pubs, bars and restaurants and other lwisure and hospitality venues begin to reopen for business after the Corona Virus Pandemic the trading landscape has changed.

Enhance your brand by giving safety and comfort to customers whilst maximising the possible number of people within the store or venue. An efficient social distancing signage solution will offer control and management access to entry and exit areas to prevent overcrowding and help to manage foot fall and traffic flow.

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Outdoor Social Distancing & Emergency Signage Displays



COVID-19 – Social Distancing, Health & Safety Digital Signage Displays
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