Big LED TV Display Screens for Farms, Factories & Offices

LED TV digital signage has become a vital media for effective corporate communications in farms, large factories, offices, warehouses and  commercial buildings.

Digital Display Screens for Farms, Factories & Offices

Aqualite Outdoor TV supply, design, install, maintain and service complete IP66 and IK10 rated weatherproof, waterproof, digital signage systems, LED messaging displays and static or mobile electronic display screens and monitors.

Digital signage is the most effect way for companies to communicate their messages to their customers and also their employees.

Digital signage screens can be installed indoors and outdoors in the most strategic places where employees can see them frequently, such as at entrances, in front of lifts, in dining rooms, etc.

Digital TV signage can keep employees aware of all updated progress in each department, recognise the outstanding performance of employees and can even reinforce corporate culture.

Digital TV Signage Screens For Farms, Warehouses, Factories & Offices

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Digital Signage TV Display Screens To Improve Training and Education

Digital signage can be used to reinforce employees’ training and increase the effectiveness of training by repetitively displaying that information or message on screens.

Digital Signage TV Display Screens To Stimulate Motivation

Digital signage can be used to recognize the outstanding performance of employees, such as displaying on screen production targets, top sales of the month or best employee of the month. Personal recognition can raise morale among employees.

Digital Signage TV Display Screens To Reinforce Corporate Culture

With the aid of modern digital signage system, companies can regularly address employees and broadcast messages on all the company’s displays to reinforce the company’s corporate culture.

Digital Signage TV Display Screens To Update Information

It is always a great challenge for a bigger company to develop effective internal communications. Digital signage can deliver dynamic, up-to-date information. Aqualite high visability display screens will attract employees’ attention and can keep everyone updated on major policy changes or all the recent progress in each division and department.

Digital Signage To Show Meeting Room Status

Employees can book a meeting room on the system and change information immediately from their own computers. Screens can show the current meeting and agenda in each meeting room.