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Anti Glare Digital Signage, Messaging Screens & Info Displays

Anti Glare Digital Signage & Messaging Screens

Outdoor TV -Designers and architects alike specify Aqualite’s range of anti glare digital signage display screens, These non reflective digital messaging and signage displays are perfect for retail, hospitality, education, corporate, transport, sports and entertainment locations.

Aqualite Outdoor digital signage display screens are up to two times as bright as typical indoor televisions.

With the addition of anti glare film to create an anti-reflective coating, glare and reflection on the screen is reduced for high visability outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.

The latest digital signage software enables dynamic messaging and signage information to be displayed to any number of locations simultaneously, administered locally, centrally or remotely.

Content can include static or scrolling text, static or moving images, video, live TV, web-streaming, Flash files, RSS feeds including live news, weather & sports results, web pages, time, date, calendars, etc.

Anti Glare Digital Signage, Message Board Displays

Leisure & Hospitality: Welcome messages, rooms scheduling, menus, forthcoming events, opening times, entry fees, way-finding information, queue management, visitor information, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Retail: Advertising & promotions, new product or service announcements, brand reinforcement, opening times, café or restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Education: Campus information, exam & sports results, forthcoming events, timetable changes, extra-curricular activities, café/refectory menus, live news & weather, etc.

Corporate: Welcome messages, room scheduling, product & service information, live news, weather, traffic, company/departmental performance against target, café/restaurant menus, stock market & commodity prices, etc.

Transport: Welcome messages, arrival & departure times, delays & cancellations, way-fining information, emergency evacuation procedures, café/restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Government & Healthcare: Public service messages, queue management, room scheduling, way-finding information, opening times, visiting hours, emergency evacuation procedures, café/restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Anti Glare Digital Signage Display Screens

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