Clinic & Hospital Outdoor TV Display Screens

 Anti glare LED TV display screens can serve as an effective communication tools when part of a medical appointment, digital signage or electronic noticeboard system. These LED TV display screens can bring real benefits to both patients and healthcare providers inside and outside medical centres, hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries, GP practices, nursing homes, etc

Outdoor TV -

Aqualite Outdoor IP66 and IK10 digital TV display screens can be arranged in hospital and clinic waiting and reception rooms, entrance halls, dining areas and can broadcast real-time appointment schedules and directions throughout the clinic, hospital or nursing home leading patients and visitors to their destination quickly.

Large LED TV Display Screens for Clinics & Hospitals

Traditionally, clinics and hospitals have installed a television in the waiting room with the sole purpose of entertaining and comforting patients.

Flat Screen TV Displays For Education & Entertainment In Clinics & Hospitals

Anti glare and anti reflective display screens can provide TV programes, health information presentations or even interactive games to comfort and educate anxious patients in hospital and clinic waiting rooms, wards and communal areas.

Clinic & Hospital TV Display Screens for Healthcare Information & Messaging

Electronic notice boards can show hospital and clinic info and  announcements, doctor’s visitation times and department, etc. The display screens  can also keep families of surgery patients informed continuously with up to date information on the progress of surgery. In this way, it will be an aid to the comfort of families in the waiting room.

TV Display Screens for Healthcare Education In Hospitals & Clinics

Big LED screens and touch screen TV monitors can help clinics and hospitals provide educational programs, such as information on new treatments, surgery, preventive care, etc.

Digital Signage TV Display Screens for Patient Flow Management

Digital signage can integrate with clinic and hospital queuing system so that healthcare providers can serve patients quickly and efficiently, as well as entertain patients at the same time throughout the hospital, clinic or nursing home.

Clinic & Hospital LED & LCD TV Display Screens

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