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Ford Car Dealers – Large Outdoor LED TV Advertising Billboards

Outdoor TV -

Large Outdoor LED TV Advertising Billboards

Aqualite Outdoor are delighted to announce the installation of an outdoor LED advertising billboard for a car park display at Haynes Bros Ltd, Ford Car Sales Dealers in Maidenhead.

Outdoor TV -We were originally contacted by the IT department at the car dealership to enquire about our range of IP 66 rated outdoor weatherproof LCD and LED TV advertising screens. We discussed the various issues and challenges which related to the road side site, to determine the best product and specification screen to supply.

Robin Menen of Aqualite takes up the story. ‘ The Aqualite Outdoor range of estra large LED advertising billboards are suitable for all road side locations. Such as as petrol stations, car sales lots, transport cafes, diners, retail parks, distribution centres and commercial, business and industrial estates.

The screens are designed to work in all weathers from freezing Arctic conditions to tropical heat and humidity. They guarantee high visibility digital displays even in direct sunlight. And with anti reflective and anti glare screen coatings that ensure marketing messages are hard to miss and easy to read.’

Roadside Advertising Billboards & LED TV Screens

Haynes Bros Ltd (Ford-Maidenhead) had occupied the site for many years. They have used a 2m x 2m static “billboard” type vinyl sign to advertise and promote various car sales offers and display information throughout the year.

This big vinyl advertising sign was located at the entrance to their car showroom and angled towards oncoming traffic and pedestrians for the best visibility and exposure.

Every time they wanted to run a promotion or change the advertising messages in any way they had to replace the current sign and the message being used. They had to design and get their signage company to reprint a large vinyl replacement advertisement.

This was not only costly but also took time and effort to do and the car dealership felt restricted in terms of being able to offer multiple advertising promotions from the single sign.

Car Dealership Advertising Billboards & LED TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor discussed the various challenges including orientation, brightness and viewing distances involved. We decided, along with Haynes, that a pixel pitch of 3.9mm was the optimum LED module to use. This would be housed in the existing frame from the old vinyl sign. The brightness of the new Aqualite outdoor LED billboard needed to be controlled at night, so as not to dazzle drivers.

After planning consents had been obtained, Aqualite Outdoor installed a brand new 2m x 2xm P3.9 LED advertising billboard. Once connected to the Ford car dealership’s internal LAN. the display could be updated with ever changing car sales adverts, car promotions and high impact Ford marketing messages.

Aqualite Outdoor thanks Haynes Bros Ltd in Maidenhead for the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of their big screen LED advertising billboard range. We look forward to providing further outdoor advertising display screens at other car showrooms and car sales forecourts manged by the Haynes Ford dealership.

Roadside Billboards & LED TV Advertising Displays

For more details on the Aqualite Outdoor range of outdoor road side, drive by and drive through LED advertising billboards and display screens please contact us directly.


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