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Extra Large Waterproof TV Screens & Digital Displays For Sale & Lease

Weatherproof Screens & Digital Signage Displays For Sale

Based in London, The Outdoor Screen Company offer a wide range of outdoor TV screens for sale in the UK. We supply and install the best quality digital display systems and our equipment,  accessories and screens are suitable for all outdoor music, sports or corporate events and locations.

From weatherproof garden TVs for pubs and homes to giant LED advertising billboards and digital signage systems for major outdoor music and sports events. The Outdoor Screen Company has a cost effective solution for you. Call +44 (0) 330 133 2547

Our range of extra large digital signage display screens offer the highest possible visibility for your internal or external displays and screenings. These high brightness display screens and billboards provide dynamic, eye catching, cost effective, high impact mobile or static displays for effective digital signage, marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.

Airports, Bus, Metro & Train Stations

Digital signage screens and systems have become the established way to broadcast fast changing travel information and arrival and departure schedules to passengers in the public areas of transport hubs such in airports, ports, train stations, bus and coach depots, ferry terminals, etc. more info on TV Displays For Airports, Ports & Stations

Clinics & Hospitals

Traditionally, clinics and hospitals have installed a television in the waiting room with the sole purpose of entertaining and comforting patients. Nowadays, TV display screens can serve as an effective communication tool. bringing real benefit to both patients and healthcare providers in medical centres, hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries, GP practices, nursing homes, etc. More on TV Display Screens For Clinics & Hospitals

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Aqualite high visibility digital screens are a common digital signage solution inside and outside exhibition halls, convention centers and all other venues. These dynamic, anti-glare and anti-reflective screens are frequently used to create a modern and high-tech atmosphere where interior lighting or bright sunshine may hamper visibility. More on Digital display screens for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Smart Factories & Food Production Units

Digital signage has become a vital media for effective corporate communications in large factories, food production units, offices, warehouses and commercial buildings. Smart factory management systems can be the most effect way for companies to communicate their messages to their customers and also their employees on the shop floor. More on Smart Factory TV Display Screens

Fast Food & Drive Thru Restaurants

Dynamic interactive menu boards and menu display screens are becoming more and more popular in hotels, resorts, take away, fast food and drive thru restaurants. High visibility LED and LCD menu boards can build up an efficient communication platform between restaurant owners and customers. With a touch TV screen digital menu display network, customers can easily access to all kinds of up-to-date information and order food easily. More on Restaurant Menu Display Screens

Schools, Universities & Colleges

Aqualite’s dynamic digital signage LED or LCD TV display screen solution allows schools, colleges and universities to display instant multimedia content and broadcast messages and information for students, lecturers, teachers, staff and visitors inside and outside the campus efficiently. More on School & College TV Signage Displays

Tourist Attractions

Aqualite Outdoor LED & LCD TV screens can be used for outside advertising displays or to manage queues or direct customers and passengers in busy reception areas at music or arts festivals, garden centres, shopping malls, airports, train stations, schools, colleges, universities, outdoor events, trade shows, exhibitions, race courses, sporting events, stadiums, swimming pools, zoos, tourist attractions and theme parks. More on LED TV Display Screens at Museums, Parks & Zoos

Outdoor Arenas and Indoor Venues

Aqualite big screen TV signage systems and display screens can provide the perfect communication platform to broadcast results and event related information for sports arenas, football stadiums, professional golf tournaments, rugby grounds, race courses, race tracks, cinemas, theatres, bars, pubs, casinos and even bingo halls! More on Advertising Display Screens for Entertainment & Sports Venues

Food Trucks, Hospitality Trailers & Catering Vehicles

Aqualite high visibility TV screens are ideal for all food truck, road show hospitality trailer and promotional exhibition vehicle display installations, The heavy duty TV screens are easily installed on a small display unit on the back of a pick up or van or as multiple high impact advertising display screens mounted on the sides of promotional trucks, trailers, lorries, coaches or buses. More on Promotional Vehicle TV Display Screens

Places of Worship

Aqualite Outdoor LED display screens can be used to in all public places and we can see the growing use of big screen dispay systems in churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and other religious buildings to enhance communication with congregations and the general public. More on LED Display Screens in Places of Worship

Pubs, Sports Bars & Beer Gardens

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens for pub gardens, beer gardens and patios are designed and built to consistantly deliver crystal clear pictures in all settings and in all weather conditions. The AquaLite range of all weather flat screen TV panels offer the highest possible quality for all domestic, landscaping, garden design and leisure installations. More on Outdoor TV Display Screens For Pubs, Bars & Beer Gardens

POS Retail Advertising Display Screens & Signage

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV screens can be used as external or internal retail advertising displays or as part of a digital signage system to manage queues or direct customers and passengers. Environments such as petrol filling stations, car parks, outdoor retail outlets/villages, supermarket or shop entrances, busy areas in shopping centres and malls or even a car-wash! More on Retail Advertising & Signage Display Screens

Yachts, Ships, Ferries, Ports, Docks & Marinas

Aqualite TV screens are compatible with all marine TV, Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, audio/visual, lighting control, automation and CCTV security systems. Screens can be installed in all outdoor maritime, naval and marine locations. Perfect for passenger and travel info, duty free retail or digital signage installation on motor boats, sailing yachts, passenger cruise ships, cargo and container ships, luxury cruise liners, ferries, marinas, harbours and ports. More on Marine Use TV Screen Displays

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