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Extreme Heat & Frost Resistant TVs – Hot & Cold Proof TV Screens

Extreme Temperature Resistant TV Display Screens

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Extreme Temperature Resilience: Aqualite Outdoor TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens redefine durability with resistance to extreme hot and cold temperature variations, demonstrating exceptional performance in outdoor and indoor environments with temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C.

IK10 and IP66 Ratings: These weatherproof TV screens are rigorously tested and boast IK10 impact protection and IP66 weatherproof ratings.

Frozen Food Factories: Suitable for use in frozen food factories, cold stores, and freezer rooms.

Chilled and Refrigerated Areas: Aqualite screens are designed to withstand the challenges of chilled and refrigerated environments.

Temperature Regulation System: An internal temperature regulation system ensures the TV remains within safe operating temperatures, whether on or off. Consistent internal temperature is maintained by a thermostat and a series of fans.

Overheating Prevention: Placing an indoor TV outdoors on a warm, sunny day can strain the cooling system, leading to overheating. Aqualite’s temperature controls prevent such issues.

Condensation Prevention: The temperature controls also mitigate the risk of condensation forming on internal components during cooldown after use.

Corrosion and Rust Resistance: By excluding condensation and dust, Aqualite screens resist corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity of internal components.

Optimal Functionality in Adverse Conditions:

Frost Proof: Withstanding freezing temperatures, these screens excel in extreme cold conditions.

Heat Proof: Aqualite screens resist overheating, making them suitable for scorching heat and direct sunlight.

Business Opportunities: Aqualite Outdoor TV is actively seeking distributors, suppliers, and partners to explore business opportunities globally. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for extreme temperature-resistant outdoor TV screens, please use the contact form to receive more information.


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