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Aqualite Outdoor’s Successful Collaboration with Balfour Beatty

In June 2019, Aqualite Outdoor International Limited received an inquiry from Balfour Beatty, a company involved in a significant M4 motorway upgrade project expected to last around 2.5 years.

Balfour Beatty needed a large LED screen for their local offices along the motorway, housing approximately 2000 engineers, planners, and staff in semi-permanent porta-cabin style offices.

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Robin Menen from Aqualite promptly engaged with Balfour Beatty, recognizing the urgency of their requirements. The challenge was to facilitate Health and Safety induction and training for hundreds of staff through a “one to many” setup.

After extensive discussions and a site walk, Aqualite recommended a 6 x 3 m LED weatherproof screen with a Pixel Pitch of 3.9mm to ensure high-quality images at various viewing distances.

Balfour Beatty quickly agreed to the proposal, and within weeks, the site was prepared, and the screen was assembled by the client, with oversight from an Aqualite installation engineering manager.

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Aqualite’s follow-up a few months later revealed that the screen was in use 24/7 and had effectively streamlined the training process, saving both time and money.

Additionally, the screen provided a valuable gathering space for teams and even doubled as a “private outdoor cinema” for leisure and entertainment.

The successful collaboration between Aqualite Outdoor and Balfour Beatty showcased the adaptability and efficiency of Aqualite’s LED screens in meeting diverse project requirements.

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