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Indoor TV Screen Wall Brackets & Mountings

Indoor TV Screen Wall Brackets & Mountings

Outdoor TV Wall Bracket Considerations for Aqualite Displays

When opting for an Aqualite Outdoor TV display in an outdoor environment, it’s crucial to make informed choices, especially regarding the wall bracket. Here are some key considerations for the proper use of wall brackets with Aqualite Outdoor TVs:

Indoor-Use Bracket: The wall bracket provided with Aqualite displays is designed for INDOOR USE ONLY. It is not rustproof, and exposure to outdoor weather elements may lead to corrosion and structural weakening.

Outdoor Installation Consultation: If you intend to install the Aqualite TV outdoors, consult with your AV specialist. AV specialists can recommend the appropriate outdoor bracket, typically galvanized for outdoor use, and may include additional security features. Outdoor canopied installations are suitable with the supplied bracket.

Public Areas Usage: The supplied TV wall bracket is suitable for use in public areas not exposed to outdoor environments, such as shopping malls and public information areas.

Installation Tips: Use the provided TV wall fixings and maintain a minimal distance between the bolt and screen. Avoid tilting the Aqualite TV screen once wall-mounted.

Ensure the wall where the Aqualite TV is installed is of substantial construction, and seek guidance from your AV specialist.

Conceal all cables, especially in public areas, and use armored trunking for added protection.

Always involve a qualified electrician when connecting to external electrical power.

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Use the provided form to discuss suitable wall brackets and mountings for your indoor TV display screen project.

Choosing the right outdoor TV wall bracket is essential for the longevity and performance of Aqualite Outdoor displays in outdoor settings. For further guidance and recommendations, connect with our team using the form below.


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