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Ex Display & Refurbished Outdoor TVs

As outdoor TVs, monitors and screens are fed into everyday life, that lifecycle must come to an end in one way or another. This means that new stock is sold to replace or upgrade the outdoor weatherproof screens.

So what happens to these ex display units? Well simple, as the manufacturer of Aqualite Outdoor TVs, we have the knowhow to completely re-furbish and bring them back to life.

They are returned to our workshop environment in order to get the outdoor screens looking as good as new . We check the technology inside  for any long-term damage and test them down to component level. Any repairs that require attention are carried out and left on for a 48 hour testing period. If parts are required we simply replace them. This can include the motherboard and the fan heating/cooling system.

Similar to a Swiss watch repair, we then reseal the Aqualite screen using special high grade materials making sure they are fully weatherproof and return it with a full 1 year warranty.  There is a technique to this as making an outdoor screen fully weatherproof is no mean feat, after all it has to withstand all that the global weather can throw at it.

After the drying process is completed the Outdoor TV is wall mounted in an outdoor area amongst the elements and is hose tested. This exerts a high water pressure of 150lbs per square inch, water is sprayed directly onto the tempered glass surface, from the sides and from behind.

Once we’re happy with the results, the outdoor screen will be re-boxed in our manufactured packaging and in addition any necessary accessories such the Aqualite remote control and speakers and wall bracket will be replaced, ending up with a fully tested weatherproof outdoor TV looking as good as new.

This ex-display/re-furbished products continue to carry a full one year warranty from Aqualite having passed there MOT. That’s how confident we are of our re-furbished process.

Now all that’s required is a nice new home for our Aqualite Outdoor TVs to start all over again at a reduced price.