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LED TV Advertising Display Screens For Ad Kiosks & Trailers

Outdoor TV -

LED TV Display Screens For Ad Kiosks & Trailers

The Aqualite range of LED TV advertising display screens has played an integral part in the promotional launch of HTCs latest One mobile phone.

Working alongside Special Event Services (SES), who specialise in customised ad kiosks, promotional vehicles and trailers, catering vans, hospitality vehicles and support coaches and trucks,

The Outdoor Screen Company were contracted to supply and fit the anti glare and anti reflective high visibility display screens and IT equipment for use inside and outside the customised coach.

Outdoor TV -We specified  Aqualite Outdoor weatherproof monitors on the outside of the coach as AquaLite external LED advertising display screens are designed with durable waterproof casings, waterproof cables and connections, 6mm toughened glass and an anti glare film and reflective coating for high visibility outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight”

“Aqualite Outdoor advertising screens are Full HD 1080P and our top of the range LED back lit display panels offer more than double the brightness capability of your average LCD television at home. Once we had finished installing the indoor and outdoor av systems the coach was then ready to tour the UK and Europe to promote the new mobile phone”

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