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Outdoor Digital Display Screens – Outdoor Advertising & Signage

Outdoor Digital Adverts, Signs & Display Screens

Transform Outdoor & Indoor Spaces with Cutting-Edge Digital Display Screens:

Outdoor TV -

Discover a new dimension in outdoor advertising, messaging, and signage installations with our premium range of outdoor digital display screens. Trusted and favored by both designers and architects, these innovative screens redefine visual communication in diverse settings such as retail, hospitality, education, corporate spaces, transport hubs, sports arenas, and entertainment venues.

Key Features that Set Our Screens Apart:

Unmatched Brightness: Elevate your outdoor messaging with screens that boast up to twice the brightness of standard indoor TVs. Ensure your content shines brightly even in challenging lighting conditions.

Anti-Glare Excellence: Our screens come equipped with advanced anti-glare film technology. This feature acts as a non-reflective filter, significantly minimizing glare and reflections on the screen. The result? Exceptional visibility outdoors, even under the harsh glare of broad daylight and bright sunlight.

Why Choose Our Outdoor Digital Display Screens?

Architect & Designer Approval: Endorsed by architects and designers, our screens seamlessly integrate into various outdoor environments, providing a sleek and modern solution for effective visual communication.

Versatility Across Industries: From corporate spaces to bustling transport hubs, these screens adapt effortlessly to different industries, ensuring your message reaches its intended audience with impact.

Optimized for Brightness: The high brightness levels of our screens guarantee that your content remains vibrant and attention-grabbing, making them the perfect choice for outdoor installations.

Anti-Glare Technology: Combat the challenges of glare and reflection with our anti-glare film, ensuring optimal visibility and readability in any lighting scenario.

Premium Visibility: Capture attention and engage your audience effectively with outdoor digital displays that provide premium visibility, both day and night.

Revolutionize your outdoor communication strategy with our state-of-the-art digital display screens. Stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression with impactful messaging in every outdoor setting.

Revolutionize Messaging with Aqualite Outdoor Digital Signage:

Unlock the potential of dynamic messaging with the latest digital signage software from Aqualite Outdoor TV. Our versatile solutions empower you to create, modify, and broadcast crucial messages, including social distancing instructions and community health alerts, swiftly and efficiently.

Dynamic Content Creation: Utilize the advanced digital signage software to produce or update messages within minutes.

Versatile Content Options: Display static or scrolling text, images, videos, live TV, web-streaming, live news, weather updates, sports results, web pages, time, date, calendars, and more.

Aqualite Outdoor TV Solutions: We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions, including supply, design, installation, maintenance, and servicing of weatherproof, waterproof, IP66 & IK10 rated outdoor digital display screens.

Dynamic Messaging Capability: Deliver dynamic messages that capture attention and convey critical information effectively.

Weatherproof Displays: Our outdoor digital signage solutions are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Responsive Design and Installation: We tailor our services to your specific needs, offering design and installation that aligns with your messaging goals.

Complete Maintenance and Service: Aqualite Outdoor TV takes care of ongoing maintenance and service, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your digital signage displays.

Enhanced Visibility: Benefit from enhanced visibility with our high brightness outdoor digital display screens, providing clear and vibrant content even in bright sunlight.

Transform your messaging strategy with Aqualite Outdoor TV’s digital signage solutions. Stay responsive to the changing landscape with dynamic and impactful content delivery tailored to your unique requirements.

Large Indoor & Outdoor Digital Display Screens

Leisure & Hospitality: Welcome messages, rooms scheduling, menus, forthcoming events, opening times, entry fees, way-finding information, queue management, visitor information, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

POS Retail & Menus: Advertising & promotions, new product or service announcements, brand reinforcement, opening times, café or restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Education & Community: Campus information, exam & sports results, forthcoming events, timetable changes, extra-curricular activities, café/refectory menus, live news & weather, etc.

Corporate & Business: Welcome messages, room scheduling, product & service information, company/departmental performance against target, café/restaurant menus, live news, weather, traffic, stock market & commodity prices, etc.

Public Transport: Welcome messages, arrival & departure times, delays & cancellations, way-fining information, emergency evacuation procedures, café/restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Government & Healthcare : Public service messages, queue management, room scheduling, way-finding information, opening times, visiting hours, emergency evacuation procedures, café/restaurant menus, live news, weather & traffic, etc.

Indoor & Outdoor Digital Display Screens

Aqualite Outdoor Smart TV screens dispaly dynamic information that can be  targeted to any number of locations simultaneously, administered locally, centrally or remotely.

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