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Outdoor TV Display Screen FAQs – Outdoor TV Or TV Enclosure?

Weatherproof TV Display Screen FAQs

These purpose built outdoor TV screens give high impact images in the harshest indoor and outdoor domestic, commercial or industrial locations.

Our outdoor LCD TV screens are available in 32” 42” 55” 65” and 75” screen sizes. Outdoor LED TV screens are available with 74, 100 and 136 inch size screens.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Aqualite Outdoor range of outdoor televisions, advertising billboards and digital signage screens.

Can you use any TV as an outdoor TV?
No, regular indoor TVs are not designed for outdoor use. They lack the necessary features to withstand the elements and may get damaged when exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and direct sunlight.

What is the best way to have a TV outside?
The best way to have a TV outside is to use an outdoor TV specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor TVs are built with weatherproof and durable materials, have enhanced brightness for better visibility in sunlight, and come with features to protect against moisture, dust, and temperature variations.

Can I put my flat screen TV outside?
It is not recommended to put a regular flat screen TV outside as it is not designed for outdoor conditions. Outdoor TVs are purpose-built to withstand the challenges posed by the elements and provide optimal performance in outdoor environments.

Do outdoor TVs work well?
Yes, outdoor TVs are designed to work well in outdoor environments. They are built to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations while delivering high-quality visuals and sound. Outdoor TVs often have higher brightness levels to combat glare and provide clear visibility even in bright sunlight.

How long will a normal TV last outside?
A normal TV is not intended for outdoor use, and exposing it to outdoor conditions can significantly reduce its lifespan. Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the elements and typically have a longer lifespan when used in outdoor environments.

Do outdoor TVs work in rain?
Yes, outdoor TVs are designed to work in rain. They are built with weatherproofing measures that protect the internal components from moisture damage. However, it is always recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the specific TV model to ensure it is suitable for rainy conditions.

Can you leave an outdoor TV outside?
Yes, outdoor TVs are designed to be left outside. They are built to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations. However, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation, maintenance, and protection of the TV to ensure its longevity.

What is the difference between an outdoor TV and a regular TV?
The main difference between an outdoor TV and a regular TV lies in their construction and features. Outdoor TVs are specifically designed for outdoor use and have weatherproofing measures to protect against moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. They often have higher brightness levels to combat glare and provide better visibility in sunlight.

How do I weatherproof my outdoor TV?
Outdoor TVs are already weatherproofed and do not require additional weatherproofing measures. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, which may include sealing cable connections and using appropriate mounting hardware to ensure a secure and weather-resistant setup.

Should I cover my outdoor TV in the winter?
Covering an outdoor TV in the winter is generally recommended. Even though outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the elements, a cover can provide additional protection against snow, ice, and other harsh weather conditions. Make sure to use a cover specifically designed for outdoor TVs, as it should provide proper ventilation and fit securely.

Is it OK to leave a TV outside in the cold?
Leaving a regular indoor TV outside in the cold is not recommended, as it can lead to damage due to temperature extremes. Outdoor TVs, however, are designed to withstand cold temperatures and can generally operate in a wide temperature range. It is still advisable to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the TV’s suitability for the specific cold conditions.

Does cold weather affect a TV outside?
Extreme cold weather can potentially affect the performance of a TV, especially if it is not specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor TVs are built to withstand temperature variations and typically have a wider operating temperature range. However, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the TV’s suitability for the expected cold weather conditions.

How do I keep my outdoor TV warm in the winter?
Outdoor TVs are generally designed to handle cold temperatures, and additional measures to keep them warm are usually not necessary. If you live in an extremely cold climate, you can consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for any specific precautions or additional steps to take. In general, the TV’s built-in heating and cooling mechanisms should be sufficient to operate in colder temperatures.

Why are outdoor TVs so expensive?
Outdoor TVs tend to be more expensive than regular indoor TVs due to the specialized features and materials used in their construction. They are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including exposure to moisture, dust, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. The higher price reflects the additional engineering, weatherproofing, and durability required to provide reliable performance in outdoor environments.

What temperatures can a TV withstand?
The temperature range that a TV can withstand depends on its specific design and intended use. Regular indoor TVs typically have a narrower operating temperature range, while outdoor TVs are built to handle a wider range of temperatures. Outdoor TVs can often operate in temperatures ranging from below freezing to high heat, but it is essential to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific TV model to determine its temperature limits.

What is supplied with an outdoor TV display screen ?
Included in the box are, wall bracket, detachable speakers, 3 metre long cable loom, remote control unit, replacement vent filters, the instruction manual and a 1 year return to base warranty.

How deep is the bracket that holds the outdoor TV to the wall?
For screen sizes 32” – 55” it’s 40mm and for the 65” screen it’s 45mm deep.

Does the outdoor TV contain a media player?
There is a lockable space in the bottom of the screen where you can insert both a USB and an SD Card. A function on the remote control allows you to play your media content on a continuous loop compatible with all file formats (excluding DivX without conversion.)

How do outdoor TV screens with in-built PC work?
With the addition of the in-built PC, they’ll allow you to update and refresh your content via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Control a single screen or multiple screens – all from the comfort of your desk.

Can the outdoor TV display screen be used in portrait as well as landscape?
All Aqualite screens can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Are outdoor TV screens vandal-proof?
To a point, yes. They are fitted with a with a laminated, toughened 6mm anti-reflective glass, 3mm steel casing/bezel and come with security wall fixings to make the installation even more robust.

What sizes are available for outdoor TV screens?
In LCD, we stock and supply 32” 42” 55” 65” and 82” screen sizes. With our Aqualite LED technology, these are often bespoke and are made to order. Typically we are supplying 73” 96” and 145” however due to the modular nature of LED we can supply billboard style ‘video walls’ 6-metre x 3-metres and larger.

What other outdoor TV screens are available?
Also available across our range are models which feature an in-built Wi-Fi enabled PC, this allows you to update your content remotely, from any location in real-time. These screens can also be fitted to become touch-screen models giving you complete touch-panel freedom when interacting with your content. They’re just like using a large tablet computer!

Do I get a warranty with an outdoor TV screen?
All Aqualite screens are supplied with a 1 year (return-to-base) warranty. This covers all parts and all labour. Extended warranties are available upon request.

Where can I buy a refurbished or re-conditioned outdoor TV display screen ?
From time to time we do received ex-rental stock which are refurbished and are re-listed for sale on this website, these products receive a full technical over-haul as necessary, and depending on the condition, we will either re-paint and varnish the unit facia or supply with a new facia. All refurbished Aqualite units receive a new 1 year warranty.

When you receive your Aqualite, outdoor screen all you need to do is unbox, mount the bracket and screen, power-up and the job is done. Due to their nature, our screens are regularly left on and outside 24/7.

You get everything you need with an Aqualite TV, it’s all in the box. Our products come complete with an integral/internal heating and cooling system, wall mounting bracket, external speakers and a 3-metre long cable-loom. All of these things remove any additional hassle and mean that the Aqualite screen is quick and easy to install.

Do you supply outdoor TV display screen in other colours?
Would you like white for a yacht or a complimentary green for the garden? We can supply any screen in pretty much any colour. Or if you have a specific RAL code and we’ll match that. We can finish either the TV bezel or the entire TV front and back. Please ask us for details and for an estimate, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Do you hold stock?
Almost all of our key-lines shown here on our website are stock items, having stock is often what sets us apart from our competitors, and if we don’t have an item, we can usually get it within a couple of days

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