Indoor TV? Outdoor TV? What Is The Difference?

Which Outdoor TV Dsplay Screen?What is the difference between an Aqualite outdoor TV and an indoor flat screen TV placed in a weatherproof enclosure?

Aqualite commercial and industrial use outdoor TV screens are quite different to an ordinary domestic indoor TV screen housed in a separate protective cover, enclosure or casing.

Costs can be reduced by simply putting a normal indoor flat screen TV in a ‘weatherproof enclosure’ but picture quality will be compromised by glare from the two reflective surfaces of the TV screen and the glass enclosure.

Aqualite Outdoor reduce TV screen glare and reflection by the addition of anti-glare and non-reflective film coating applied to the screen. This ensure high visibility and high quality picture definition under strong artificial indoor lighting or outside in broad daylight and bright sunny conditions. Our LED backlight high brightness TV display screens offer more than double the brightness capability of your average indoor flat screen television.

With an indoor screen in an enclosure installation, there is the danger of the TV unit overheating.  Due to poor air-circulation, there is also the threat of electrical safety problems as condensation forms on the delicate electronic components inside the TV unit. Unsafe and untidy cabling, as well as the bulk associated with placing a TV in an external casing can also cause problems.

Aqualite TV display screens on the other hand are purpose-built within an air tight, dust proof, water tight sealed enclosure. The interior of the television unit is thermostatically controlled to withstand extended use in extreme temperatures from-20C to +55C .

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Aqualite Outdoor range of outdoor televisions, advertising billboards and digital signage screens.

What, Why, Which, How Much & Where Of Outdoor TV

Fully Sealed TV Units For Use In Wet, Damp, Dusty & Dirty Conditions – If the weather is damp or wet, our TV screens are 100 % waterproof and weatherproof and are resistant to all moisture including sea spray, steam, fog, mist, rain, sleet and snow and are also resistant to salt, pollution, smoke, sand, dust, pollen and insects. more on waterproof TV screens

Thermostatically Controlled TV Interior For Use In Extreme Hot & Cold Weather – If the weather is too hot or too cold, the thermostat within the sealed TV unit ensures that the interior of the screen remains at the very best working temperatures even though external temperatures may range from -20C to +55C. more on temperature controlled TV units

Anti Glare & Non Reflective TV Screens For Use In Bright Sunny Weather – If the weather is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable outside in bright direct sun shine and inside in bright artificial lights. more on anti glare TV screens 

High Brightness TV Screens For Use In Dull Weather Or Dimly Let Locations – If the weather is dull or overcast, our back-lit LED TV screen in-built sensors will automatically adjust the brightness level to give the best possible picture whilst helping to save energy. more on high brightness TV screens for dull and dark conditions

What is supplied with an outdoor TV display screen ?
Included in the box are, wall bracket, detachable speakers, 3 metre long cable loom, remote control unit, replacement vent filters, the instruction manual and a 1 year return to base warranty.

How deep is the bracket that holds the outdoor TV to the wall?
For screen sizes 32” – 55” it’s 40mm and for the 65” screen it’s 45mm deep.

Does the outdoor TV contain a media player?
There is a lockable space in the bottom of the screen where you can insert both a USB and an SD Card. A function on the remote control allows you to play your media content on a continuous loop compatible with all file formats (excluding DivX without conversion.)

How do outdoor TV screens with in-built PC work?
With the addition of the in-built PC, they’ll allow you to update and refresh your content via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Control a single screen or multiple screens – all from the comfort of your desk.

Can the outdoor TV display screen be used in portrait as well as landscape?
All Aqualite screens can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Are outdoor TV screens vandal-proof?
To a point, yes. They are fitted with a with a laminated, toughened 6mm anti-reflective glass, 3mm steel casing/bezel and come with security wall fixings to make the installation even more robust.

What sizes are available for outdoor TV screens?
In LCD, we stock and supply 32” 42” 55” 65” and 82” screen sizes. With our Aqualite LED technology, these are often bespoke and are made to order. Typically we are supplying 73” 96” and 145” however due to the modular nature of LED we can supply billboard style ‘video walls’ 6-metre x 3-metres and larger.

What other outdoor TV screens are available?
Also available across our range are models which feature an in-built Wi-Fi enabled PC, this allows you to update your content remotely, from any location in real-time. These screens can also be fitted to become touch-screen models giving you complete touch-panel freedom when interacting with your content. They’re just like using a large tablet computer!

Do I get a warranty with an outdoor TV screen?
All Aqualite screens are supplied with a 1 year (return-to-base) warranty. This covers all parts and all labour. Extended warranties are available upon request.

Where can I buy a refurbished or re-conditioned outdoor TV display screen ?
From time to time we do received ex-rental stock which are refurbished and are re-listed for sale on this website, these products receive a full technical over-haul as necessary, and depending on the condition, we will either re-paint and varnish the unit facia or supply with a new facia. All refurbished Aqualite units receive a new 1 year warranty.

When you receive your Aqualite, outdoor screen all you need to do is unbox, mount the bracket and screen, power-up and the job is done. Due to their nature, our screens are regularly left on and outside 24/7.

You get everything you need with an Aqualite TV, it’s all in the box. Our products come complete with an integral/internal heating and cooling system, wall mounting bracket, external speakers and a 3-metre long cable-loom. All of these things remove any additional hassle and mean that the Aqualite screen is quick and easy to install.

Do you supply outdoor TV display screen in other colours?
Would you like white for a yacht or a complimentary green for the garden? We can supply any screen in pretty much any colour. Or if you have a specific RAL code and we’ll match that. We can finish either the TV bezel or the entire TV front and back. Please ask us for details and for an estimate, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Do you hold stock?
Almost all of our key-lines shown here on our website are stock items, having stock is often what sets us apart from our competitors, and if we don’t have an item, we can usually get it within a couple of days