Garden TV Screens – Outdoor Patio & Garden TV Display Screens

Large Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & Patios

The Aqualite Outdoor range of large outdoor TV screens are perfect for watching football matches in the garden, terrace, hot tub, swimming pool or patio area. These IP66 rated weatherproof, and waterproof TV screens are also suitable for indoor use in wet and damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Stoke City Fans, Luka and Steve Bentley, never miss a game at the Stadium and with an Aqualite Outdoor TV screen installed in their garden, they and their friends are looking forward to watching the Euro Football Finals this summer, come rain or shine.

Large Garden TV ScreensSteve Bentley takes up the story. ”I guess my initial motivation for considering an outdoor TV was quite unusual. My son Luka, who is now 14, has cerebral palsy. His main pleasure in life is watching TV, especially football.

During the summer months, we found ourselves staying inside with Luka, rather than enjoying the garden, and this led me to investigate the possibility of taking a TV outside.

Outside Patio & Garden TV Display Screens

Of course, the main issues with trying to watch a regular TV outside soon became apparent.   The shiny screen and limited brightness meant that it was often difficult to see the picture.

TV Screens For Garden Patio & Pool AreasI looked at a number of specialist options, including  weatherproof enclosures for standard TV’s, and a number of purpose built outdoor screens.  Aqualite were the only company with established credibility in this space. Their products gave me the level of confidence which I was looking for.

The television more than lived up to the hype. It’s always a great talking point, and its perfect for BBQ’s during the football season. Our friends never fail to be impressed; both with the clarity of the picture in daylight, and the fact that the unit permanently resides outside.

I have made use of complimentary technology with my outdoor TV installation. I have included a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, and a wireless solar-powered speaker.  It’s a great combination, which allows me to stream content from a Sky or Virgin box, and output the audio to the area where guests are sitting.

Weatherproof TV Display Screens For Patio & Garden

Garden TV Screen DisplaysI have to admit that I was a little sceptical regarding the garden TV screens’s durability, especially during the first winter, which was a harsh one, with considerable amounts of snow.

Also, living in the North West, rain is never far away. I needn’t have worried.  Come the spring time, I switched on the Aqualite TV and it functioned perfectly. That was four years ago, and it has survived every winter since.

I consider the Aqualite TV to be one the best purchases I have ever made, and of course Luka loves it too.  I’m now looking forward to the World Cup 2022. Our Aqualite garden TV screen will no doubt provide the backdrop to plenty of outdoor entertainment, and hopefully some success on the pitch!

Large Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & Patios

Garden TV Screens ‘Football is a sport that could have been invented specifically for television. Everyone knows that watching the big football matches is always more fun with your friends.

It’s great to hear how much joy our customers get from the Aquaite range of waterproof, weatherproof, dust proof, anti glare, TV screens and we are thrilled with Luca and Steve’s feedback.

Our garden tv screens allow all of the great sporting events to be shared and enjoyed and have even been known to make Port Vale look like a good team.”

For more details on the Aqualite Outdoor range of all  garden TV screens please contact us directly.

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Liffey Meats – IP66 Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

The Aqualite range of IP66 factory TV display screens offer the best signage and KPI messaging solution in wet and cold factory floor locations. These waterproof TV screens are for use in food factories, meat packers, frozen food production and refrigerated or chilled processing units in abattoirs and slaughter houses

Meat Factory TV Display ScreensLiffey Meats in Ireland pride themselves on being able to respond quickly and efficiently to their customer”s needs. They are always looking for opportunities to use smart factory KPI display technology to increase production on the meat factory floor.

Liffey Meats are Ireland’s most modern and progressive beef processors and are situated in Co. Cavan in Ireland. They have built a formidable supplier base from quality assured farms which guarantee complete traceability and excellent beef.

Frost & Waterproof Factory Floor TV Display Screens

Garth Kivlehan, of Liffey Meats explains… I’d seen that rugged LED TV display screens were becoming available, I looked at a few different displays and for me, this was by far the best display option.

I made contact with Aqualite and I was sold. A few weeks later we’d ordered a 42” screen, taken delivery and installed it overlooking the production hall which specialises in beef de-boning for hind quarters”

Factory TV Display Screens“Having the screen works very well for us and has actually increased factory production. We’ve looked at the numbers and our production has increased by between 5-10% – just by installing it in our production hall. The entire meat factory and workforce can now, at any given time, clearly see our performance targets, it’s a great motivator!”

“As you would expect we need to ensure complete cleanliness throughout our facility. Nowhere is this more important than in out butchery hall where we have the screen. So the great benefit of the IP66 rated 100% waterproof screen is that, along with everything else in the hall we wash it every day with high pressure washers, foamed and sanitized daily.

We probably have the cleanest digital signage screen in the county! “

IP66 Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

“The beauty is that as the factory KPI targets are displayed to everyone in the production hall (including Supervisors).  Before we installed the LED TV display screen, only supervisors were issued with the daily targets. And they then had to communicate to our production line staff”

Smart Food & Meat Factory TV ScreensGarth goes on to explain how it’s used….”Shown in the picture is the room temperature (top left corner). We display the time (in the top-right hand corner) the bottom left is the target number of quarters of beef requiredI. In this case at 622. The bottom right is the ‘actual’ number of quarters of beef being produced at that time. It shows green if we’re above target and a red light if we’re slipping below our yield target.”

“I’m now looking at the possibility of ordering more Aqualite display screens,  I’m sure they’re great for outdoor TV but I do think there is much more of a market for these screens to be served as ‘total information displays’ for factories and production facilities”

“It can sometimes be a challenge for companies to develop effective internal communications. The factory TV display screen at Liffey Meats is a fantastic application. We”re delighted it”s being put to such productive use. It just shows how using an Aqualite waterproof TV display screen in this environment, to monitor productivity, can have a direct effect and ultimately increase profit”

Meat & Food Factory KPI TV Display Screens


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Ford Car Dealers – Large Outdoor LED TV Advertising Billboards

Large Outdoor LED TV Advertising Billboards

Aqualite Outdoor are delighted to announce the installation of an outdoor LED advertising billboard for a car park display at Haynes Bros Ltd, Ford Car Sales Dealers in Maidenhead.

We were originally contacted by the IT department at the car dealership to enquire about our range of IP 66 rated outdoor weatherproof LCD and LED TV advertising screens. We discussed the various issues and challenges which related to the road side site, to determine the best product and specification screen to supply.

Robin Menen of Aqualite takes up the story. ‘ The Aqualite Outdoor range of estra large LED advertising billboards are suitable for all road side locations. Such as as petrol stations, car sales lots, transport cafes, diners, retail parks, distribution centres and commercial, business and industrial estates.

The screens are designed to work in all weathers from freezing Arctic conditions to tropical heat and humidity. They guarantee high visibility digital displays even in direct sunlight. And with anti reflective and anti glare screen coatings that ensure marketing messages are hard to miss and easy to read.’

Roadside Advertising Billboards & LED TV Screens

Haynes Bros Ltd (Ford-Maidenhead) had occupied the site for many years. They have used a 2m x 2m static “billboard” type vinyl sign to advertise and promote various car sales offers and display information throughout the year.

This big vinyl advertising sign was located at the entrance to their car showroom and angled towards oncoming traffic and pedestrians for the best visibility and exposure.

Every time they wanted to run a promotion or change the advertising messages in any way they had to replace the current sign and the message being used. They had to design and get their signage company to reprint a large vinyl replacement advertisement.

This was not only costly but also took time and effort to do and the car dealership felt restricted in terms of being able to offer multiple advertising promotions from the single sign.

Car Dealership Advertising Billboards & LED TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor discussed the various challenges including orientation, brightness and viewing distances involved. We decided, along with Haynes, that a pixel pitch of 3.9mm was the optimum LED module to use. This would be housed in the existing frame from the old vinyl sign. The brightness of the new Aqualite outdoor LED billboard needed to be controlled at night, so as not to dazzle drivers.

After planning consents had been obtained, Aqualite Outdoor installed a brand new 2m x 2xm P3.9 LED advertising billboard. Once connected to the Ford car dealership’s internal LAN. the display could be updated with ever changing car sales adverts, car promotions and high impact Ford marketing messages.

Aqualite Outdoor thanks Haynes Bros Ltd in Maidenhead for the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of their big screen LED advertising billboard range. We look forward to providing further outdoor advertising display screens at other car showrooms and car sales forecourts manged by the Haynes Ford dealership.

Roadside Billboards & LED TV Advertising Displays

For more details on the Aqualite Outdoor range of outdoor road side, drive by and drive through LED advertising billboards and display screens please contact us directly.


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BBC TV – Outdoor TVs For Mobile Studios & Outside Broadcast Units

Outdoor TV Monitors For Outside News Broadcasts

Aqualite weatherproof outdoor TV monitors and displays help the BBC deliver live and pre-recorded outside broadcasts for TV news, sports, entertainment and live events.

BBC News & Sport Outside Broadcast Aqualite Outdoor have established an excellent reputation within the outside broadcasting market. We successfully integratie the IP66 range of outdoor, all weather TV digital displays into the latest mobile television studios and outside broadcast units. Aqualite staff have extensive knowledge and experience of the engineering and project management of outside broadcast systems.

Live News & Sports Outside Broadcast Unit

“The aim of our business is to supply a very high quality product and service for the outside broadcast market. We have successfully achieved this by offering the right products and keeping very close relationships with our clients and Aqualite is fast becoming the market leader for the supply, rental and sale of fully weatherproofed TV monitors for the outside television broadcast industry.”

“We have built strong alliances with TV production partners and broadcasting equipment distributors. We have a vast degree of broadcast experience to help deliver the best outside broadcasting TV monitors and have a proven track record within the industry. As the foremost supplier of IP66 HD TV monitors, Aqualite are well-placed to support the growing demands of outside broadcasters across the world” he added.

As an example, the BBC have seen the potential of using Aqualite outdoor TV monitors and screens as part of their outside broadcast set up.

Outdoor TV Monitors For Live News Broadcasts

“We use the Aqualite 32” LED TV on our sporting outside broadcasts as an outdoor presentation monitor, usually pitchside mounted on a Unicol Stand. Obviously the waterproof factor is of great importance to us.  Broadcasting must go on no matter what the elements.” said Dermot Scott, the Vision Supervisor in the Technology and Operations department at BBC Northern Ireland.

“Also the High Brightness daylight readable aspect is of great importance, especially when our journalists, presenters and pundits are viewing live pictures and using these to steer their conversation. We have used Aqualite at several of our local sports grounds and also at Murrayfield, when we were doing presentation for S4C. We’ve had the Aqualite display for around three and a half years and it’s very much commented on by other Broadcasters!” He added.

Aqualite Outdoor is located in Dubai, with operating offices in Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and Denmark.

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Outdoor TV Display Screens For Food Trucks & Advertising Trailers

Outdoor TV Screens For Food Trucks & Trailers

Aqualite high visibility, extra large, outdoor TV display screens are ideal for portable and mobile marketing, promotional and advertising installations on food trucks, exhibition trailers, mobile clinics, catering units, hospitality vehicles, company road show lorries, support coaches and buses

LED Display Screens Ad Kiosk & Road Show Trailer Torton Bodies of Telford in Shropshire build purpose-designed road show vehicles, advertising kiosks and exhibition trailers to meet clients’ particular promotional, advertising or marketing requirements wherever there is a need to take a product or service to the public.

They have recently completed a branded promotional truck and exhibition / hospitality trailer for Milwaukee Tools’ which embarks on an arduous 25 date ‘Road show Tour’ of the UK and Europe visiting trade customers and authorised dealers.

Constantly moving forward to take advantage of new materials, new techniques and new technologies, Torton Bodies encompasses a wide range of styles, vehicle bases and ingenious approaches to meet particular client promotional, advertising or marketing specifications.

Torton Bodies provides radical and innovative solutions not only to meet the needs of mobile exhibition displays and for hospitality purposes, but for training, recruitment, clinical applications, mobile classrooms and offices and even mobile gym

Large TV Display Screens For Advertising Trailers

Torton Bodies Managing Director Clive Andrews comments, ‘We’ve been working with Milwaukee now for about 7 years and they came to us with a simple brief, basically to be able to ‘wow’ their audiences whilst demonstrating their extensive range of class-leading power tools – out on the road.UK Promotional Vehicle LED Display Screens

It’s all about the tools and how they make the tradesman’s life easier – so it was paramount that staff on the truck were able to do instant demonstrations of all product showing real-life situations. The whole facility has numerous areas for both product demonstration and large audience live presentation. That’s where the audio kit and the Aqualite LED really come to life!’

Outdoor TV Screens For Advertising Trucks & Trailers

Torton Bodies and Milwaukee Tools Chooses Aqualite Outdoor LED display screens for the mobile unit and Clive Andrews continued, “Our relationships are always build around collaboration, there’s always lots of that. Our client Milwaukee wanted three things, ‘Wow factor’ Good Clarity and True Colours. We chose Aqualite because we were confident in not only their LED solution but also with the technical support that was being offered. It wasn’t all based on price.”

UK Advertising Trailer LED Displays“We first got a call from Torton back in 2015 for this project so it’s great to finally see it here in all its glory We think the screen looks absolutely superb and the client is extremely happy with the results.

Aqualite high visibility LED & LCD TV display screens are ideal for all outdoor and mobile advertising and digital signage display installations such as exhibition trailers, mobile clinics, catering units, hospitality vehicles, company road show lorries, support coaches and buses

Aqualite Outdoor’s external advertising display screens and monitors are designed with durable waterproof casings, waterproof cables and connections, 6mm toughened glass and an anti glare film and reflective coating for daylight readable, high visibility images outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.

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Giorgio Armani – Waterproof TV Display Screens For Luxury Yacht

Outdoor TV Displays For Luxury Super Yachts

Aqualite Outdoor are proud to be a supplier of weatherproof big flat screen LED TV displays for the stunning Giorgio Armani designed super yacht Mariu. Luxury yacht Marui represents one of the very best yachts available for charter in her class. She charters through the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas with a professional and experienced crew.

TV Displays For Luxury Super YachtsLuxury motor yacht ‘Mariu’ is a 163 ft 8 in / 49.90 meter long Codecasa Italian built vessel. M/Y Mariu is unique with her clean, minimalist, practical and yet luxuriously comfortable Giorgio Armani design and styling.

‘Mariu’ provides luxurious accommodation for up to 12 charter guests in 6 cabins.

She has a fantastic main master suite situated on the main deck with a king bed and His/her bathroom ensuite each with shower and central Jacuzzi.

She provides another double cabin on the Main deck, Two Queens which are convertible to twins with Jacuzzi and two further twins with shower ensuites.

There is Armani styling throughout the yacht including Armani furniture, Armani toiletries, and Armani beauty products.

When looking for a solution to provide outdoor visual entertainment on the deck of Mariu, provided the ultimate product. The Aqualite Outdoor TV range copes perfectly with the harsh marine enviroment of Yachting, totally weatherproof, full HD along with home automation integration provided Mariu with that extra special touch.

Each room has a TV, VCR, DVD, CD. MASTER has a KING His/her bathroom each with shower and central Jacuzzi. Zein like simplicity throughout. Eight Sat TV receivers.

MAIN SALON TV/VCR/DVD/CD. Video and music libraries. Game table

DINING SALON seating for 12 guests. Powder room amidship AFT DECK Ample, built-in stern seating. Hi-Lo table.Closed with big windows. Airco.

SKY LOUNGE / CINEROOM Entertainment center: huge plasma flat screen TV/VCR/DVD/CD. Bar. FLY BRIDGE Jacuzzi. Bimini awning. 8 x chaises lounges, 3 x sun pads. Table seating 12. Wetbar.

Giorgio Armani Yacht Mariu is available for rent at € 185,000.00 – 225,000.00 or $ 210,000.00 – 280,000.00 per week depending upon the season.

Balfour Beatty – Health & Safety TV Signage Display Screens

Health & Safety TV Signage Display Screens

It is the middle of June 2019 and Aqualite Outdoor International Limited receive an enquiry from Balfour Beatty.

We get back to the enquirer who explains that Balfour Beatty are in the process of upgrading a large section of the M4 motorway for a project which is expected to last for about 2 and a half years.

Their local offices were set out along the side of the motorway and consisted of dozens of semi- permanent porta-cabin style offices housing around 2000 engineers, planners and general workforce.

Robin Menen from Aqualite very quickly realized that the team at Balfour- whilst knowing why they wanted to look in-to a large LED screen, really needed to discuss the application and requirements and sooner rather than later, as the screen was needed within weeks.

High Vis Display ScreensRobin shot over to the main site and met with Dipesh Patel-Senior Projects manager, who explained that they had to process the Health and Safety induction and training for hundreds of staff and needed to do this on a “one to many” type set up, if they were to get through the numbers in time.

After about a hour of discussions about options and recommendations, we took a site walk around the overall facility and agreed on screen location, orientation and size. Aqualite very quickly suggested a 6 x 3 m LED weatherproof screen with a Pixel Pitch of 3.9mm, to give the highest quality image from both the nearest and longest distances that were involved and Balfour Beatty agreed the quotation within days.

A few weeks later after Balfour Beatty had prepared the site and dug the trench to receive the concrete foundations for the screen frame and laid out a large decked viewing platform, the screen was assembled by the client themselves- with the overview of an installation engineering manager from Aqualite.

Fast – forward a few months later and Aqualite puts in a follow-up call to make sure all is well with the screen-to be told  “ We absolutely love it down here and we have it on everyday 24/7”.

It has helped us exactly as we had hoped, to save both time and money on training hundreds of staff as efficiently as possible and as a side benefit- when the weather is good, it is great for getting our teams together and we even have the option to play a few movies after hours in our “private outdoor cinema”.

Good Job Aqualite !

Outside TV Display Screens For Gardens, Hot Tubs & Patios

Outside TV Display Screens For Gardens & Patios

The Aqualite Outdoor range of water resistant and weatherproof flat screen TV display screens are the best TV solution for outside locations such as gardens with fire pits, hot tubs and swimming pools

Outside TV For GardensPhil Routledge describes how he designed and created his own garden TV installation, ‘We built a new property in the Lake District to use as a weekend retreat for the family and employed the expertise of a local AV specialist and designer to advise and install amongst other things the media and lighting systems for the garden.

The garden design brief included an outside barbecue area, fire pit and hot tub all enclosed within a bespoke patio area.

The hot tub area specified an Aqualite outdoor TV which was sunken into the rear boundary wall and controlled through Control 4, allowing Sky and Netflix media to be streamed whilst in the hot tub as well as audio from the Spotify platform.

We had used an outside TV unsuccessfully at another property, which was based on a standard waterproof bathroom tile TV design, and was delighted that our AV installer recommended and sourced Aqualite on this occasion, which is obviously manufactured specifically for outside use. The Aqualite TV is very neat, compact and performs perfectly in this application.’

‘The Aqualite Outdoor LED and LCD TV range of high visibility TV screens are perfect for watching your favourite sports or TV shows in the garden, terrace, hot tub or patio area. These TV screens  are IP66 rated and are 100% waterproof so are also suitable for indoor use in wet and damp rooms around the home such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Garden TV Display Screens For Sale

Please contact us for more info on outside TV screens for gardens and outside areas


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Edinburgh University – TV Display Screens For Outdoor Vet Lectures

TV Display Screens For Outdoor Vet Training

We are delighted to announce that the University of Edinburgh has chosen to purchase 2 x Aqualite AQLH-43 inch IP-66 Weatherproof screens.

Around March of 2020 we were contacted via our website by Julie Forest and Rob Kelly who explained that they wanted to enhance the training experience of trainee vets- “whilst out in the field”.

They meant this literally!

Julie explained that they wanted to take student vets out into farms where pregnant cows and sheep could be examined and shown to the trainees.

The idea was that a small camera unit would be inserted into the animal and the image would be sent via a mini PC , to an Aqualite screen which was placed on a mobile stand.

We discussed all the inputs/outputs necessary and produced the requisite cable set for the application which worked a treat.

See………its not all World Cup Football, Tennis and Golf…

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Optimax UK – London Laser Eye Clinic TV Advertising Screens

Outdoor TV Display Screens – UK Optimax Clinics

The Aqualite range of IP66 outdoor TV display screens can bring real benefits to both patients and healthcare providers in medical centres, hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries, GP practices, nursing homes, etc.

Optimax Eye Clinic In LondonThe Outdoor Screen Company have recently installed an extra large outdoor LED billboard at the Optimax Clinic in Hampstead, London. For queue and appointment management, for practice advertising or as a digital signage solution, these electronic noticeboards, flat screen TVs and large screen display monitors are a very effective communication tool.’

Optimax Eye Clinics are the UK’s longest established Eye Surgery Specialists. Founded in London in 1991, they have over 25 years’ experience and pride themselves on clinical excellence. They offer a range of vision correction treatments including laser eye surgery, lens replacement surgery, and cataract treatment, as well as cosmetic procedures.’

London Clinic Advertising BillboardsKatre Green of Optimax takes up the story,’Optimax provide treatments to our patients at 22 city centre clinic locations around the UK but our head office is on Finchley Road by the 02 Centre and Frognal Station in north west London. This is one of the busiest roads in London and we wanted to capitalise on the high traffic flow by using a large outdoor billboard or LED display screem to promote our business and our location’.

She continued,’ We were impressed with Aqualite’s anti glare and high brightness displays which ensured our messages and promotions could be clearly seen and understood in the brightest of summer afternoons and the darkest of winter evenings. The fully sealed TV unit is resistant to rain, snow, sleet, city pollution and traffic emmisions and the screen could be used all day and every day. However now that we have installed the screen, we have the display set on a timer so as not to disturb our neighbours with bright lights overnight.’

‘As well as providing great branding for Optimax, and making sure that our logo and colours are easily recognised, we also use it to display information for prospective patients. Updating the content from the Aqualite app, we can easily advertise when we have an opening day coming up, swapping out the videos we display on the screen.

‘We have our Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screen on the front of our building, in between the two main windows. It certainly sets us apart from other shops and buildings in the area and makes the clinic really stand out in fact you really can’t miss it!

Outdoor LED TV Advertising Display Screens

If you are a company that is currently selling, renting or hiring outdoor and all weather IP66 LCD & LED TV display panels, digital signage systems or outdoor advertising screens then please contact us to learn about this exciting business opportunity selling the Aqualite range of Outdoor billboards, screens, displays and signs.