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TV Screens For Pubs & Sports Bars Showing Football Outside

Outdoor TV -

Outdoor TV Screens For Pubs Showing Football

Aqualite Outdoor big screen TV displays can help to attract customers searching for the best places to watch live football as UK pubs and bars reopening after the lockdown. Aqualite Outdoor’s range of high visibility, extra large TV display screens are built for heavy and extended use in indoor and outdoor locations such as  pubs, bars, clubs and hotels.

Outdoor TV -The scale of the business opportunity showing outdoor football over the summer of 2021 shouldn’t be underestimated by pub, bar and restaurant owners.

For UK pub landlords and bar owners who are looking to boost profits by showing live football matches outside this summer the economics are fairly straightforward.

A moderately busy town or city pub can turn- over £2,000 to £3,000 in an hour. By extending the busy period, through providing entertainment, and increasing the capacity of the premises, by making an outdoor space productive, the ROI on an outdoor screen is pretty impressive.

An outdoor screen will provide an additional attraction to customers and turns unproductive outdoor spaces into revenue generators. While the prolonged football season provides the key attraction this summer, there is also tennis, golf, horse racing and other crowd pulling events.

Waterproof TV Screens For Pubs & Bars

Outdoor TV -When designing an TV display screen for outdoor use there are essentially two problems: (1) bad weather, and (2) good weather. Some vendors have tried to get around the problem of bad weather by installing standard commercial screens in a sealed cabinet.

While this is fine in an outdoor advertising context it doesn’t provide an ideal solution for outdoor entertainment.

The cabinets are bulky and can restrict the viewing angle. In contrast a display designed specifically for outdoor applications looks almost as slim and stylish as its indoor equivalent, and yet offers a similar level of protection to a cabinet. The new AquaLite range is encased in metal. Wiring and controls largely concealed and the LCD panel protected with 6 mm toughened glass.

Outdoor TV Screens For Pubs

Outdoor TV -The AquaLite range is rated at IP66, which is currently the best available for an outdoor LCD screen and indicates total protection against dust and temporary flooding by water.

This means that the screen should withstand anything that the British summer will throw at it in terms of bad weather.

But in some respects, good weather can present equally difficult operating conditions for an outdoor LCD display. The important considerations here are glare, ambient light and heat.

All AquaLite screens, whether LED backlit or standard, are fit- ted with anti-reflective glass to filter out the worst of the sun’s light. While this is effective up to a point, the additional brightness achieved with the LED backlighting is the best defence against strong ambient light.

When compared with its direct competitors, the AquaLite is the only offering to offer the combination of 1500 candelas of brightness and Full HD. Where conditions don’t demand full power, the brightness can be adjusted by the user, delivering a high quality image with lower power consumption.

While the additional brightness available from the LED backlit model commands a premium over the standard fluorescent AquaLite range, it can make a difference between viewers enjoying the game or sidling off home to watch it there.

Outdoor TV Screen Sizes & Specifications

Outdoor TV -With the increasing variety of outdoor applications in mind, AquaLite Outdoor TV range is available in 32”, 42”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 100” & 136 inch screen sizes

Due to the modular nature of LED TV technology we can supply giant outdoor LED billboard screens and video walls in sizes up to 6m x 3m.

The screens are all Full HD, and as such can be used for movies and promotional videos as well as sports. Text display is very legible, offering the potential to use the displays in transport and other text or numeric data applications. All of the models in the range feature a built-in analogue and digital tuner for accessing broadcast content.

There is also an SD card slot for digital signage applications, and further models are planned with a slot for a PC card for signage applications. With the toughened glass pro- tective screen extending beyond the LCD panel,

AquaLite can overprint the surround with a corporate livery for a pub chain or a hotel group, for example.

Outdoor Digital & Electronic Billboard Retailers

Aqualite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor electronic notice board and digital display retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers. Join us to develop outside advertising and outdoor digital signage sales in the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, Russia, India, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.. more on outdoor TV sales opportunities

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