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Outdoor TV Screens For Sale In America, Canada & Caribbean

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Outdoor TV Screens In US, Canada & Caribbean

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Aqualite Outdoor TV Ltd have announced an exciting new sales partnership with JBandA Distributors of San Rafael, California in order to better serve the outdoor TV screen and outside advertising display market in the US, Canada and Caribbean

JBandA are one of North America’s leading AV equipment distributors and  the deal will see Aqualite full range of highly innovative IK10 and IP66 rated, all weather and water proof LED & LCD TV display screens for sale exclusively across the US, Canada and Caribbean.

Aqualite Outdoor TV is the market leading brand of all weather, waterproof IP66 and IK10 rated outdoor TV advertising display screens.

“We are delighted to be partnering with JBandA in California for the distribution of our all weather outdoor TV range. We are set to increase our presence in the US, Caribbean and Canadian advertising and digital display markets with the planned launch of further IK10 and IP66 rated display screens that can be used all across north America from Alaska to Florida. These screens are sea spray, steam, fog, mist, rain, sleet and snow proof and are also resistant to salt, pollution, smoke, sand, dust, pollen and insects.

Outdoor TV Screens For Sale In America

Jeff Burgess at JBandA adds “Aqualite is a highly versatile, progressive and innovative outdoor TV screen manufacturer with a big future and so we’re proud to be able to use our proven expertise and experience to introduce their range of IP66 and IK10 rated LED and LCD TV screens, monitors and displays to the Caribbean, Canadian and American market”

Aqualite Outdoor TV monitors are 100% water proof & weather proof and are suitable for use in the very harshest weather conditions. These digital displays are available in screen size 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100”  to 136” and give the best and brightest picture in any indoor or outdoor location.

All screens offer Full-HD, 1080p picture resolution and the top of the range sunlight-readable, High Brightness, LED back lit screens, offer a 1,500cd/m2 brightness level which is three times the brightness of your average living room LCD TV.

Outdoor TV Screens In US, Canada & Caribbean

Founded in 1996, JB&A is a leader in the field of Video, Broadcast, Production & Pro AV, with  a unique mix of Value Add Distributor, Channel Partner and Solutions Provider and an ecosystem of certified, tested and proven products and workflow solutions across the US, Canada & Caribbean

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