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Contact Aqualite Outdoor for the best prices and cheapest deals  when buying outdoor TV screens for residential, retail, commercial, marine and industrial use. Or for more details on our extra large digital advertising and signage display screens

Outdoor TV -Aqualite Outdoor offer for sale a full range of IP66 and IK10 rated outdoor TV screens, extra large billboard screens, interactive touch TV displays and smart TV monitors. We also offer a range of outdoor TV security enclosures, spare parts and remote controls.

Perfect for installation in gardens and patios, bathrooms, hot-tub and pool areas, Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens are suitable for use in harsh and extreme conditions. Also perfect for home installations in kitchens and bathrooms or gardens , patios,  hot-tub and pool areas,

Even factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, oil refineries, construction sites, airports, ships, shipping ports, gas and oil rigs in arctic, desert or even tropical locations.

Best Outdoor TV Screens – Prices & Deals

The Outdoor Screen Company Ltd are the UK manufacturer and trade distributor of the Aqualite Outdoor range of LCD & LED TV display screens. Please contact us for the best prices and cheapest deals on the sales contact form below


The Outdoor Screen Company Ltd.
Churchill House,
137 – 139 Brent St,
Hendon, London,
England, UK.

T:  +44 (0) 330 133 2547
M: +44 (0) 7973 197 939
F:  +44  (0)  20 7483 1444

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