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Outdoor TV Security Enclosures – Anti Theft Outdoor TV Covers

Outdoor TV Screen Security Enclosures & Cabinets

Outdoor TV Security Enclosures: Protecting Your Investment

Whether used indoors or outdoors, our wall-mounted TV security enclosures provide an extra layer of defense against theft and vandalism when your display screen is not in use. Here are key features and benefits of our outdoor TV enclosures:

Versatile Protection: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these enclosures safeguard your display screens in various environments. Ideal for un-manned or public locations where added security is necessary.

Customizable Options: Our outdoor TV enclosures are available with lockable bi-folding doors for secure protection. Can be purchased simultaneously with your Aqualite screen or fitted retrospectively. Please note that enclosures are special manufactured orders, with an approximate delivery time of 14 days.

Weatherproof Advantage: Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens already carry IK10 and IP66 ratings for durability in challenging conditions. Superior to placing an indoor TV in a weatherproof cover or enclosure, our outdoor screens maintain picture quality without glare-related compromises.

Avoiding Common Issues: Placing an indoor TV in an outdoor enclosure can lead to overheating issues and potential damage to TV components. Condensation risks and electrical safety problems may arise as the TV cools down after use. Untidy cabling and bulk associated with placing an indoor TV in an external casing can pose challenges.

Anti-Theft & Vandal-Proof: Enhance security with anti-theft and vandal-proof features to protect your valuable investment.

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Investing in outdoor TV security enclosures ensures the longevity and safety of your display screens, providing peace of mind in various applications. Utilize the provided form to discuss anti-theft and vandal-proof security enclosures for your outdoor TV display screen project.


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