TV Display Screens For Outdoor Vet Training

We are delighted to announce that the University of Edinburgh has chosen to purchase 2 x Aqualite AQLH-43 inch IP-66 Weatherproof screens.

Around March of 2020 we were contacted via our website by Julie Forest and Rob Kelly who explained that they wanted to enhance the training experience of trainee vets- “whilst out in the field”.

They meant this literally!

Julie explained that they wanted to take student vets out into farms where pregnant cows and sheep could be examined and shown to the trainees.

The idea was that a small camera unit would be inserted into the animal and the image would be sent via a mini PC , to an Aqualite screen which was placed on a mobile stand.

We discussed all the inputs/outputs necessary and produced the requisite cable set for the application which worked a treat.

See………its not all World Cup Football, Tennis and Golf…

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Edinburgh University – TV Display Screens For Outdoor Vet Lectures
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