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Edinburgh University – TV Display Screens For Outdoor Vet Lectures

Aqualite Screens Revolutionise Veterinary Training at the University of Edinburgh

We are thrilled to announce that the University of Edinburgh has opted to acquire two Aqualite AQLH-43 inch IP-66 Weatherproof screens, marking a significant step in advancing their veterinary training initiatives.

Client Background

In March 2020, the University of Edinburgh approached us through our website. Julie Forest and Rob Kelly expressed their vision of enhancing the training experience for student vets during fieldwork. Their unique approach involved taking trainee vets out into farms to gain practical experience in examining pregnant cows and sheep.

The Innovative Solution

The University’s novel idea involved incorporating a small camera unit into the animals, transmitting live images to trainees via a mini PC. To bring this concept to life, Aqualite screens were strategically positioned on mobile stands, creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Our team engaged in thorough discussions with Julie and Rob to determine the necessary inputs and outputs for this innovative application.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding the unique requirements of the University of Edinburgh’s veterinary training program, we custom-designed a cable set that perfectly suited their application. This meticulous planning ensured seamless functionality and a hassle-free integration process.

Results and Impact

The successful implementation of the Aqualite screens significantly transformed the veterinary training experience at the University of Edinburgh. Trainee vets now have the opportunity to observe and learn from live examinations in the field, providing them with practical insights that traditional classroom settings cannot replicate.

Beyond Mainstream Applications

This case study underscores the versatility of Aqualite screens, demonstrating that our products go beyond mainstream uses like World Cup Football, Tennis, and Golf. The collaboration with the University of Edinburgh showcases how our screens can be tailored to unconventional and specialized applications, contributing to enhanced learning experiences.


We take pride in being part of the University of Edinburgh’s commitment to innovative education. This case exemplifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Aqualite screens continue to be at the forefront of technology, facilitating transformative experiences in diverse fields.

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