Sports Bar & Pub Outdoor TV Display Screens

The Outdoor Screen Company are UK manufacturer of Aqualite Outdoor IP66 rated sports bar & pub outdoor TV display screens. These waterproof, weatherproof and football fan proof TV screens ensure that owners of pubs, sports bars, hotels and restaurants can capitalise on the live outdoor screening of football matches and other sporting events.

Outdoor TV For Sports Bars & Pub Gardens

An outdoor TV screen can provide an additional attraction to customers and turns unproductive outdoor spaces into revenue generators for pubs, sports bars and hotels with beer gardens

The scale of the business opportunity for regional and local breweries, pub chains and pub companies to boost profits shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Aqualite range of outdoor display screens can withstand the extremes that a European summer can produce be it bad weather or good weather and also gives viewers the very best viewing experience. These great sporting events are a real boon for publicans and sports bar owners especially if they have outdoor smoking areas, beer gardens or terraces.

Outdoor TV Screens For Bars & Pub Gardens

Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens are designed for commercial and residential applications in gardens, courtyards, patios and sun terraces. Often used for outdoor advertising and signage display systems in garden centres, flower shows, outdoor events, nurseries, pub gardens, beer gardens, outdoor smoking areas, etc.

Indoor & Outdoor TV Display Screens

Owners of pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants can provide outdoor screenings of  big sports tournaments in pub beer gardens, courtyards, car parks and, in fact, any outside area with an Aqualite rated weatherproof Outdoor TV screen.

Extra Large Digital TV Display Screens

Digital display systems can be used to broadcast sports games and other big events in pubs and bars. The Aqualite range of all weather, outdoor screens can also be installed in pub gardens, terraces, designated smoking areas and any other outdoor area.

Menu Advertising & Live Event TV Displays

Besides just showing a simple price list, digital display screens and billborads can also present rich, lively promotions to boost food and drink sales or to promote upcoming events and sporting fixtures.

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