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Tropical Rain, Heat & Humidity Resiatant Outdoor TV Screens

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Tropical Rain, Heat & Humidity Proof TV Screens

Bar and Restaurant chain Hooters needed four, large outdoor TV screens to be placed on the outside bar areas that would need to withstand the tropical  rain, heat, humidity and all other weather conditions of the the popular Thailand resort destination of Phuket.

Outdoor TV -After consultation they decided on six 42” Standard Brightness outdoor TV screens for their location, (AQLS-42) which have been mounted on exterior walls.

Commenting on the Aqualite Outdoor TV screens, Jason Zozosky, Floor Supervisor of Hooters in Phuket said…. “We really love our tropical weatherproof, waterproof TVs.

This week for example it started pouring down with rain with we had a completely full bar. We’ve recently lost 3 regular televisions due to bad weather and if it wasn’t for our Aqualite TVs the guests wouldn’t have been able to watch the big football match that we’d heavily advertised.”

Tropical Weather Resistant TV Screens

“We’ve recently lost three TVs due to bad weather in Phuket, if it wasn’t for our Aqualite screens, our guests wouldn’t have been able to watch the big football match”

We’ve sold and distributed Aqualite outdoor tv screens to some far-flung locations around the world, probably none more so than when Hooters, Thailand decided on six of our 42” screens.

We’re always delighted to hear from our friends at Hooters in Phuket and that our Aqualite screens are going strong and withstanding whatever the weather can throw at them!”

Outdoor TV Displays For Use In Harsh Locations

Incorporating outdoor displays in theme parks offers endless options for displaying content, but it’s important to ensure your electronic display panels works properly and can withsatnd all weather conditions.

Outdoor elements create all sorts of problems for electronics, but if you incorporate Aqualite Outdoor’s electronic and digital display screens outdoors you won’t run into problems.

Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens are able to withstand wide temperature ranges that come with the seasons, and completely protect the display from rain, wind, dust, etc.

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