Airport, Port & Station PID TV Display Screens

Big PID, FID and retail POS TV displays, signage screens, billboards and TV monitors have become the established way to broadcast advertising, promotions, fast changing arrival and departure schedules, travel and passenger information in the public and retail areas of transport hubs such as airports, ports, train and metro stations, bus and coach depots, ferry terminals, etc.

POS, FID, PID Displays for Airports, Ports & Stations

PID digital signage can also be used to manage queues, display safety instructions and give directions that help passengers and travelers to check in, buy tickets and ultimately reach their destination.

Aqualite high visibility LED and LCD PID screens are a common digital signage solution where interior lighting or bright sunshine may hamper visibility. These dynamic, anti glare and anti reflective screens are frequently used to create a modern and high-tech atmosphere. High visibility display screens have  also become a practical marketing platform for advertisers who want to promote goods and services to travelers and passengers.

Airport & Station FID, PID & Retail POS Display Screens

Extra large TV display screens and billboards can deliver updated travel information, announcements and emergency messages at boarding gates, check-in counters and baggage claim areas. Duty free retail shops, stores, bars and restaurants in the terminal also provide a good platform for advertisers to promote their products and brand image inside the airport.

Map, Ad & PID Display Screens in Taxis, Buses and Coaches

Digital signage screens and systems installed behind the driver’s seat, can be used for advertising. With GPS, advertisements can be run depending on your current location. Entertainment content, such as TV, news tickers, maps, weather, tourist information, etc. and can increase passenger satisfaction.

Coach and Bus Station Advertising & Travel Info Display Screens

Digital signage screens and systems inside a bus or coach station can provide news, announcements, and promotions of local companies. With GPS, advertisements can be run depending on your current location.

Train and Underground Station Advert & Signage Display Screens

Digital display screens can broadcast train timetables and guide passengers at the entrance, ticket hall or the passageways. Dynamic advertisements on platforms or the walls of the escalators can create magnificent visual effects. Digital menu board can be deployed in snack bars and restaurants.

Advertising displays in the shop areas and at the entrance can present eye-catching promotions of products, services, and events

Ferry and Cruise Ship Retail Advertising, POS & PIDS Display Screens

Aqualite outdoor digital TV screens are sun, salt and saltwater proof. They can be installed on motor boats, sailing yachts, passenger ships, cargo ships, luxury cruise liners and ferries. Live passenger information, such as weather and local news, can also be useful and entertaining to passengers during the voyage.

Digital signage screens are suitable for queue management or digital signage installation in all outdoor maritime, naval & marine locations such as marinas, harbours, ports and ferry terminals.