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Liffey Meats – IP66 Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

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Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

The Aqualite range of IP66 factory TV display screens offer the best signage and KPI messaging solution in wet and cold factory floor locations. These waterproof TV screens are for use in food factories, meat packers, frozen food production and refrigerated or chilled processing units in abattoirs and slaughter houses

Outdoor TV -Liffey Meats in Ireland pride themselves on being able to respond quickly and efficiently to their customer”s needs. They are always looking for opportunities to use smart factory KPI display technology to increase production on the meat factory floor.

Liffey Meats are Ireland’s most modern and progressive beef processors and are situated in Co. Cavan in Ireland. They have built a formidable supplier base from quality assured farms which guarantee complete traceability and excellent beef.

Frost & Waterproof Factory Floor TV Display Screens

Garth Kivlehan, of Liffey Meats explains… I’d seen that rugged LED TV display screens were becoming available, I looked at a few different displays and for me, this was by far the best display option.

I made contact with Aqualite and I was sold. A few weeks later we’d ordered a 42” screen, taken delivery and installed it overlooking the production hall which specialises in beef de-boning for hind quarters”

Outdoor TV -“Having the screen works very well for us and has actually increased factory production. We’ve looked at the numbers and our production has increased by between 5-10% – just by installing it in our production hall. The entire meat factory and workforce can now, at any given time, clearly see our performance targets, it’s a great motivator!”

“As you would expect we need to ensure complete cleanliness throughout our facility. Nowhere is this more important than in out butchery hall where we have the screen. So the great benefit of the IP66 rated 100% waterproof screen is that, along with everything else in the hall we wash it every day with high pressure washers, foamed and sanitized daily.

We probably have the cleanest digital signage screen in the county! “

IP66 Meat & Food Factory TV Display Screens

“The beauty is that as the factory KPI targets are displayed to everyone in the production hall (including Supervisors).  Before we installed the LED TV display screen, only supervisors were issued with the daily targets. And they then had to communicate to our production line staff”

Outdoor TV -Garth goes on to explain how it’s used….”Shown in the picture is the room temperature (top left corner). We display the time (in the top-right hand corner) the bottom left is the target number of quarters of beef requiredI. In this case at 622. The bottom right is the ‘actual’ number of quarters of beef being produced at that time. It shows green if we’re above target and a red light if we’re slipping below our yield target.”

“I’m now looking at the possibility of ordering more Aqualite display screens,  I’m sure they’re great for outdoor TV but I do think there is much more of a market for these screens to be served as ‘total information displays’ for factories and production facilities”

“It can sometimes be a challenge for companies to develop effective internal communications. The factory TV display screen at Liffey Meats is a fantastic application. We”re delighted it”s being put to such productive use. It just shows how using an Aqualite waterproof TV display screen in this environment, to monitor productivity, can have a direct effect and ultimately increase profit”

Meat & Food Factory KPI TV Display Screens


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