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Outdoor TV Display Screens For Sports Arenas & Music Venues

Outdoor TV Screens For Sports & Music Events

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screens can provide the perfect digital communication platform to broadcast live events as well as replays, results and event related information. These extra large screens command attention at sports arenas, football stadiums, golf courses, rugby grounds, race courses, race tracks, show grounds, trade fairs, music festivals and concerts.

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Outdoor LED TV Display Screens For Sports & Music Events

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screens can be installed at indoor and outdoor entertainment venues to deliver more dynamic, colourful and instant content. These extra large billboard displays not only holds customers’ attention but also go a long way to create an atmosphere of excitement that helps to provide a pleasant and memorable customer experience.

Large screen display systems can be used to broadcast live games and events and present information that ensure the audience can follow proceedings, catch replays and enjoy every detail of the game, race or show. Smaller Aqualite digital display panels can also be used to ensure that fans can watch events while they are standing in line at snack bars, food stands, restaurants, bars and gift shops.

Hospitality, Sports & Leisure Advertising & Signage Screens

Please click on the links below for more information on Aqualite’s range of high brightness, waterproof, indoor and outdoor digital signage panels, electronic noticeboards and LED or LCD display screens for indoor and outdoor stadiums, arenas and sporting venues, exhibition centres and trade shows.

Digital Signage Display Screens For Casinos and Bingo Halls

Aqualite digital signage solutions can act as a social distancing signage solution for hotels, pubs, shows, restaurants, food menus, spas, and all related events in a casino via our robust/outdoor digital advertising displays.

Digital signage displays can convey frequently changing information, such as upcoming events, entertainment schedules, food menus and conference information. Interactive games deployed with touch screens can also be an attraction to keep customers entertained and engaged.

Digital Signage Display Screens in Cinemas and Theaters

Displays in a theatre lobby can promote social distancing or corona health and safety advice as well as upcoming film presentations or thaeatrical events and productions. Furthermore, cinema and theatre managers can convey powerful and entertaining advertising messages through digital displays installed around the venue.

Digital Signage Display Screens in Restaurants, Pubs and Bars

Digital signage display systems can be used to broadcast sports games and other big events in pubs and bars. The Aqualite range of all weather, outdoor screens can also be installed in pub gardens, terraces, designated smoking areas and any other outdoor area.

Besides just showing a simple price list, digital display signage can also present social distancing messages as well as rich, lively promotions to boost food and drink sales or to promote upcoming events and sporting fixtures.

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