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Touch TV Screen Displays – Outdoor Touch Screen TVs & Monitors

Outdoor Touch TV Screens, Displays & Monitors

Aqualite Outdoor’s external use touch TV screens, displays and monitors are designed with durable waterproof casings, waterproof cables and connections, 6mm toughened glass and an anti glare and reflective TV screen coating for daylight readable, high visibility images outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.

Outdoor TV -

Aqualite Outdoor Touch TV Screens are designed to redefine communication by providing a dynamic and interactive platform for various applications. Engage your audience effectively and leave a lasting impression with these innovative touch screen displays.

Engaging Communications with Touch TV 

Robust Design: IK10 and IP66 ratings ensure durability and protection against impact, water, and weather.

Interactive Multimedia: Create powerful and engaging communications with interactive multimedia presentations.

Effective Advertising: Aqualite outdoor touch TV screens provide a unique platform for effective advertising.

Map Display Solutions: Utilize map display solutions to enhance user experience and provide valuable information.

Intuitive and Easy to Use: The touch TV screens are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a positive user experience.

Customer Engagement: Keep customers engaged with stunning multimedia presentations that capture their attention.

Virtual Guides: Offer virtual guides to enhance customer understanding and interaction with your content.

Live Video Feeds: Stream live video feeds for real-time engagement and dynamic content delivery.

Ad Campaigns: Implement effective ad campaigns that stand out in outdoor environments.

Event Information: Share forthcoming event information to keep your audience informed and involved.

Enhanced Communication: Use touch TV screens for enhanced communication, delivering messages in a visually impactful way.

Stop-and-Engage Strategy: Capture attention and create opportunities for customer interaction with a stop-and-engage approach.

Indoor & Outdoor Touch TV Screens & Signs

With the quality and reliability of Aqualite, Europe’s leading manufacturer of outdoor IP66 and IK10 rated LCD and LED screens, we are proud to announce our Aqualite Outdoor Interactive Touch Screen advertising and signage display screens and monitors

Multi Media Touch TV Screens & LED Display Monitors

Aqualite Outdoor Touch Screens enable you to address a brand new audience and customers whilst creating and generating revenue. Simply touch the screen and let your curiosity and imagination take over.

Outdoor TV -

IP66 Interactive Touch Screen TV Displays come with dimensions 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 82” and are available in Standard Brightness (500cd/m2) or High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) models.

Touch TV Screen Display Benefits

Cost-Efficient Advertising: Eliminate the need for expensive printed posters, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Versatile Orientation: Use in landscape or portrait mode, providing flexibility to suit different content and preferences.

Touchfoil Integration: Internal Touchfoil is resistive capacitive, integrated within our ‘IP66’ anti-reflective toughened glass.

No external overlay is used, ensuring a sleek look and eliminating issues related to weather conditions.

Weather Resistant: No moving parts and built to withstand heat, humidity, rain, snow, and dust, making it suitable for outdoor use in any weather.

Touch Control: Simply touch the tempered glass surface to control and browse content, providing a seamless user experience.

New Customer Audience: Address a new outdoor customer audience, creating a potential revenue stream for your business.

24/7 Operation: Works outside around the clock, providing real-time information and updates.

Multi-Point 2-Touch: Allows for a similar experience to a tablet computer with multi-point touch capabilities.

Real-Time Updates: Update information in real time, ensuring that your audience receives the latest content.

Enhanced Communication: Improve your corporate image and communicate effectively with customers, driving sales and engagement.

Accessible Portfolio: Provide customers with access to your entire business portfolio and key content.

Increased Attention: Attract and hold customer attention at your location, increasing the opportunity for purchases.

Employee Updates: Keep staff informed with key company messages, creating a more efficient and knowledgeable workforce.

Intuitive and Fun: Intuitive and enjoyable to use, enhancing the overall user experience.

Various Screen Sizes: Available in 26″, 32”, 42”, 55”, 65”, and 82” screen sizes, with the option for custom sizes.

Experience the future of outdoor digital communication with our cutting-edge display solution.

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