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Outdoor TV Display Screens For Schools, Universities & Colleges

School & College Outdoor TV Display Screens

Aqualite Outdoor LED TV display screens allow schools, colleges and universities to display dynamic digital signage or multimedia content and broadcast messages and information for students, lecturers, teachers, staff and visitors inside and outside campuses efficiently.

Outdoor TV -Outdoor TV Display Screens For Schools, Universities & Colleges

Aqualite high visibility digital display screens can be installed in schools, colleges and universities to set up an indoor and outdoor information channel that can convey announcements and information to target audiences in a clear, accurate, and timely way across multiple sites or within a particular venue.

Students and visitors can check information via the interactive digital signage system, such as campus guides, maps, department information and updates and directions to to special events held in different facilities. For corporate communication, digital signage can broadcast dynamic, updated internal information via flat-panel screens installed in staff-only areas.

Digital Signage Display Screens In Universities, Schools & Colleges

Please click on the links below for more information on Aqualite’s range of digital signage panels, electronic noticeboards and display screens for schools, universities and colleges.

Digital Bulletin Boards For Schools & Colleges

Aqualite digital display screens at front gates, along corridors, beside stairs, and in front of elevators can convey school information and news, such as: announcement, school timetable, promotion of speeches, seminars, or activities, greetings and messages for guests, and the display of student information, awards or multimedia art works.

Broadcast Live News, Updates & Events

Administrators can broadcast live lectures, seminars, sports games or other school or college events to all display screens within campuses. Digital signage displays can also be used to monitor TV news or to show videos and updates. Digital signage networks provide officers with an instant alert mechanism in public spaces. Administrators can post network-wide emergency messages immediately from a control center.

Conference Information

Conference organisers can use the latest digital signage technology to convey conference schedules and agendas, on site facilities and service, registration procedures, meeting information, directions and all other relevant information which keeps students or conference delegates well informed and entertained.

Screens outside conference rooms can display daily occupancies, events, and current conference information

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