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Outdoor TV Display Screen Installation & Positioning Guide

How & Where To Install An Outdoor TV Screen

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Outdoor TV Display Screen Installation Guidelines

For optimal performance and longevity, it’s imperative to follow the proper installation guidelines for your Aqualite Outdoor TV display. Here are key considerations and instructions:

Qualified Installer: Outdoor TV screen installations should be conducted by a qualified installer, such as an AV technician or someone with relevant skills for the specific installation type.

Fan Cooling System: Avoid obstructing the intake and outlet fan cooling system located on the left underside and right underside of the display screen. Ensure a 6” clear space around the vents to maintain constant airflow.

Condensation Management: If initial condensation appears on the inside of the TV screen due to temperature differences, do not worry. The fan circulatory system will naturally remove any condensation within a short period.

Dust Filter Maintenance: Regularly wash or replace dust filters as needed. Spare dust filters are included in your accessories box for convenience.

Sunlight Readability: Aqualite’s new outdoor screen range is sunlight-readable, ensuring clear visibility even in DIRECT SUNLIGHT without blacking out. This technology provides flexibility in choosing installation locations without compromising visibility.

Anti-Reflective Film: Aqualite Anti-Reflective film is available for locations with extremely high ambient light. This film can be retro-fitted and is an effective solution for days with intense ambient light.

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Proper installation and maintenance ensure that your Aqualite Outdoor TV performs optimally and withstands outdoor conditions. Connect with us using the form below for any installation-related queries or assistance.


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