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Large Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & Patios

The Aqualite Outdoor range of large outdoor TV screens are perfect for watching football matches in the garden, terrace, hot tub, swimming pool or patio area. These IP66 rated weatherproof, and waterproof TV screens are also suitable for indoor use in wet and damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Stoke City Fans, Luka and Steve Bentley, never miss a game at the Stadium and with an Aqualite Outdoor TV screen installed in their garden, they and their friends are looking forward to watching the Euro Football Finals this summer, come rain or shine.

Outdoor TV -Steve Bentley takes up the story. ”I guess my initial motivation for considering an outdoor TV was quite unusual. My son Luka, who is now 14, has cerebral palsy. His main pleasure in life is watching TV, especially football.

During the summer months, we found ourselves staying inside with Luka, rather than enjoying the garden, and this led me to investigate the possibility of taking a TV outside.

Outside Patio & Garden TV Display Screens

Of course, the main issues with trying to watch a regular TV outside soon became apparent.   The shiny screen and limited brightness meant that it was often difficult to see the picture.

Outdoor TV -I looked at a number of specialist options, including  weatherproof enclosures for standard TV’s, and a number of purpose built outdoor screens.  Aqualite were the only company with established credibility in this space. Their products gave me the level of confidence which I was looking for.

The television more than lived up to the hype. It’s always a great talking point, and its perfect for BBQ’s during the football season. Our friends never fail to be impressed; both with the clarity of the picture in daylight, and the fact that the unit permanently resides outside.

I have made use of complimentary technology with my outdoor TV installation. I have included a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, and a wireless solar-powered speaker.  It’s a great combination, which allows me to stream content from a Sky or Virgin box, and output the audio to the area where guests are sitting.

Weatherproof TV Display Screens For Patio & Garden

Outdoor TV -I have to admit that I was a little sceptical regarding the garden TV screens’s durability, especially during the first winter, which was a harsh one, with considerable amounts of snow.

Also, living in the North West, rain is never far away. I needn’t have worried.  Come the spring time, I switched on the Aqualite TV and it functioned perfectly. That was four years ago, and it has survived every winter since.

I consider the Aqualite TV to be one the best purchases I have ever made, and of course Luka loves it too.  I’m now looking forward to the World Cup 2022. Our Aqualite garden TV screen will no doubt provide the backdrop to plenty of outdoor entertainment, and hopefully some success on the pitch!

Large Outdoor TV Screens For Gardens & Patios

Outdoor TV - ‘Football is a sport that could have been invented specifically for television. Everyone knows that watching the big football matches is always more fun with your friends.

It’s great to hear how much joy our customers get from the Aquaite range of waterproof, weatherproof, dust proof, anti glare, TV screens and we are thrilled with Luca and Steve’s feedback.

Our garden tv screens allow all of the great sporting events to be shared and enjoyed and have even been known to make Port Vale look like a good team.”

For more details on the Aqualite Outdoor range of all  garden TV screens please contact us directly.

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