Pub LED TV Display Screens

Pub LED TV Display Screens For Gardens, Terraces & Smoking Areas

Big LED TV Display Screens For Pub Terraces & Gardens

Bar Terrace & Pub Garden TVThe Aqualite Outdoor range of large LED TV screens are perfect for external use in pub beer gardens, patios, outside smoking areas, outside terraces and car parks.

AquaLite Outdoor TV screens, panels and monitors deliver crystal clear digital images in all weather conditions and any environment: rain, sleet, snow, ice, high humidity, low humidity, heat, sunlight, dust and even insects.

Ordinary indoor TV screens are not robust enough to withstand the damp, heat and dust and simply placing the screen in some form of weatherproof container or enclosure can hamper the picture quality or restrict viewing angles.

The Aqualite range of outdoor display screens can withstand the extremes that a European summer can produce be it bad weather or good weather and also gives viewers the very best viewing experience.

Kim Menen explains that, “”A common problem with taking indoor TVs outside into direct sunlight is the affect on viewability and readability. Even indoors, I’m sure most people have experienced the annoyance of sun glare while watching TV at some point on a hot afternoon but the problem is many times worse outdoors. Whilst all the AquaLite Outdoor TV screens are coated 4 times with anti reflective coatings on both sides of the glass, glare can never be totally removed.

So if you wish to remove even more glare for those extra bright sunny days then we have the answer. Removing unwanted glare by a further 65% the AqualIte Anti Reflective Film does the job nicely and can make the difference between viewers enjoying the game or staying at home to watch it there. “”

Pub & Bar TV Display ScreensA short walk from Angel tube station, standing proud at the top of Pentonville Road and with possibly the finest roof terrace in all of Angel – where better to shelter from the hoards of London while fortifying yourself with some delicious treats?

A relaxing retreat in trendy, bustling Islington, The Castle on Pentonville Road, north London is a cracking little pub that is always welcoming.

Whether soaking in the sun on the amazing roof terrace, or avoiding the rain on a comfy sofa – our real ales, great beers or a glass from our wine list chosen by our own master of wine, sets you up just nicely.

At lunch it’s freshly made sandwiches, salads and British classics, and in the evenings- the daily changing specials fill up those watching sport on tv, shouting out the answers to the pub quiz or just relaxing with a pint.

Manager Anna van der Watt has been responsible at The Castle for over two years and really enjoys here time here. “We have such a varied clientlete and a strong crowd of regular customers, who come here not only for drinks but to also enjoy the food throughout the pub and especially on our roof terrace”

AquaLite Outdoor TVs are made in 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 82” screen sizes and are designed with stylish weatherproof casings, waterproof cables and connections, 6mm toughened glass. An anti glare film and reflective coating for high visability outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.


BBC Outside Broadcast Equipment

BBC – TV Monitors For Mobile News & Sports Outside Broadcast Units

Outdoor TV Monitors For News & Outside Broadcasts

Aqualite weatherproof outdoor TV monitors and displays help the BBC deliver live and pre-recorded outside broadcasts for TV news, sports, entertainment and live events.

BBC News & Sport Outside Broadcast Aqualite Outdoor have established an excellent reputation within the outside broadcasting market through successfully integrating the IP66 range of outdoor, all weather TV digital displays in the latest mobile television studios and outside broadcast units. Aqualite staff have extensive knowledge and experience of the engineering and project management of outside broadcast systems.

“The aim of our business is to supply a very high quality product and service for the outside broadcast market. We have successfully achieved this by offering the right products and keeping very close relationships with our clients and Aqualite is fast becoming the market leader for the supply, rental and sale of fully weatherproofed TV monitors for the outside television broadcast industry.” said Kim Menen of Aqualite Outdoor.

“We have built strong alliances with TV production partners and broadcasting equipment distributors who have a vast degree of broadcast experience to help deliver the best outside broadcasting TV monitors and have a proven track record within the industry. As the foremost supplier of IP66 HD TV monitors, Aqualite are well-placed to support the growing demands of outside broadcasters across the world” he added.

As an example, the BBC have seen the potential of using Aqualite TV monitors and screens as part of their outside broadcast set up.

“We use the Aqualite 32” LED TV on our sporting outside broadcasts as an outdoor presentation monitor, usually pitchside mounted on a Unicol Stand. Obviously the waterproof factor is of great importance to us, as Broadcasting must go on no matter what the elements.” said Dermot Scott, the Vision Supervisor in the Technology and Operations department at BBC Northern Ireland.

“Also the High Brightness daylight readable aspect is of great importance, especially when our journalists, presenters and pundits are viewing live pictures and using these to steer their conversation. We have used Aqualite at several of our local sports grounds and also at Murrayfield, when we were doing presentation for S4C. We’ve had the Aqualite display for around three and a half years and it’s very much commented on by other Broadcasters!” He added.

Aqualite Outdoor is situated in the UK, with operating offices in Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and Denmark.

Balfour Beatty – High Vis Health & Safety Construction Signage Displays

Large Construction Site Digital Signage Display Screens

It is the middle of June 2019 and Aqualite Outdoor International Limited receive an enquiry from Balfour Beatty.

We get back to the enquirer who explains that Balfour Beatty are in the process of upgrading a large section of the M4 motorway for a project which is expected to last for about 2 and a half years.

Their local offices were set out along the side of the motorway and consisted of dozens of semi- permanent porta-cabin style offices housing around 2000 engineers, planners and general workforce.

Robin Menen from Aqualite very quickly realized that the team at Balfour- whilst knowing why they wanted to look in-to a large LED screen, really needed to discuss the application and requirements and sooner rather than later, as the screen was needed within weeks.

High Vis Display ScreensRobin shot over to the main site and met with Dipesh Patel-Senior Projects manager, who explained that they had to process the Health and Safety induction and training for hundreds of staff and needed to do this on a “one to many” type set up, if they were to get through the numbers in time.

After about a hour of discussions about options and recommendations, we took a site walk around the overall facility and agreed on screen location, orientation and size. Aqualite very quickly suggested a 6 x 3 m LED weatherproof screen with a Pixel Pitch of 3.9mm, to give the highest quality image from both the nearest and longest distances that were involved and Balfour Beatty agreed the quotation within days.

A few weeks later after Balfour Beatty had prepared the site and dug the trench to receive the concrete foundations for the screen frame and laid out a large decked viewing platform, the screen was assembled by the client themselves- with the overview of an installation engineering manager from Aqualite.

Fast – forward a few months later and Aqualite puts in a follow-up call to make sure all is well with the screen-to be told  “ We absolutely love it down here and we have it on everyday 24/7”.

It has helped us exactly as we had hoped, to save both time and money on training hundreds of staff as efficiently as possible and as a side benefit- when the weather is good, it is great for getting our teams together and we even have the option to play a few movies after hours in our “private outdoor cinema”.

Good Job Aqualite !

London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport – LED TV Display Screens Improve Cargo Handling

Airport LED TV Advertising & Signage Display Screens

Aqualite Outdoor displays, signage screens, billboards and TV monitors have become the established way to broadcast fast changing passenger, courier and freight forwarding information in the cargo handling and distribution areas of transport hubs such as airports and sea ports.

Airport TV Display Screens For Advertising & SignageChris Fahey who is Head of IT at Courier Facilities at London’s Heathrow Airport takes up the story.

We found Aqualite after looking for a modern solution to provide our ground staff with information during the day- we were previously using a whiteboard and decided it was time to upgrade to something more high tech.

Ultimately, the decision to go with an Aqualite outdoor screen came down to the fact that their screens are specifically manufactured to situations like ours. We needed a weatherproof outdoor display that was fit for our purpose & that wouldn’t break the bank.

We currently use our screen airside at our Heathrow airport cargo facility to provide real time updates and information on delivery bay allocation and shipments to our ground staff.

We’ve noticed a measurable increase in our coordination and efficiency as an organization since installing the display screen.

Having the ability to remotely update the information we broadcast to employees in real time is a world apart from our old system and I don’t think we can ever go back!

Airport TV Display Screens & BillboardsWe were initially worried that finding an outdoor screen capable of withstanding the extreme weather conditions like the high speed winds and hail storms we occasionally experience at Heathrow would be impossible. But after 5 years, our Aqualite is still going strong without a single issue whatsoever. I think going with a dedicated manufacturer like Aqualite rather than trying to use an outdoor case with a TV inside it has made a difference as this screen is very solid and has done a reliable job every day.

Overall my experience with Aqualite has been excellent since the beginning, the team made an obvious effort to make sure they understood my needs and that I would receive the right piece of technology for my situation. The screen was affordable, arrived on time, and has surprised me with its durability. I’d most definitely recommend Aqualite to anyone in need of an outdoor screen.’

Coronavirus Social Distancing

COVID-19 – Social Distancing, Health & Safety Digital Signage Displays

Outdoor Social Distancing Signage & Health & Safety Screens

Coronavirus Social Distancing

Social distancing digital signage screens are the key to maintaining the health and safety of employees and customers and the community in general. Properly directing your staff and informing customers of social distancing measures is now more important than ever.

The Aqualite Outdoor range of display screens offer high visibility, high impact social distancing signage solutions to meet the most recent COVID-19 awareness, health and safety guidelines and recommendations. Whether the signs you need are indoor or outdoor, these digital signage solutions can be easily managed and updated.

As shopping malls and retail villages, pubs, bars and restaurants and other lwisure and hospitality venues begin to reopen for business after the Corona Virus Pandemic the trading landscape has changed.

Enhance your brand by giving safety and comfort to customers whilst maximising the possible number of people within the store or venue. An efficient social distancing signage solution will offer control and management access to entry and exit areas to prevent overcrowding and help to manage foot fall and traffic flow.

Follow the link for more information on how social distancing digital signage can help your business

Outdoor Social Distancing & Emergency Signage Displays



Electronic Digital Notice Boards

Pubs & Sports Bars – Outdoor TV Screens For Football & Sports Events

Outdoor TV Screens For Pubs & Bars Showing Football

Football Pub TV Display Screens

With the pubs and bars reopening after the lockdown, these big screen TV display can help to attract customers with the lure of big screen football match screenings and coverage.

Aqualite Outdoor’s range of high visibility, extra large TV display screens are built for heavy and extended use in indoor and outdoor locations such as  pubs, clubs and hotels.

For pub landlords and bar owners who are looking to boost profits this summer the economics are fairly straightforward.

A moderately busy town or city pub can turn- over £2,000 to £3,000 in an hour. By extending the busy period, through providing entertainment, and increasing the capacity of the premises, by making an outdoor space productive, the ROI on an outdoor screen is pretty impressive.

An outdoor screen will provide an additional attraction to customers and turns unproductive outdoor spaces into revenue generators.

While the prolonged football season provides the key attraction this summer, there is also tennis, golf, horse racing and other crowd pulling events.

The scale of the business opportunity over the summer of 2020 shouldn’t be underestimated by pub, bar and restaurant owners.

Waterproof and Weather Proof TV Screens For Pubs, Bars & Hotels

When designing an TV display screen for outdoor use there are essentially two problems: (1) bad weather, and (2) good weather.

Outdoor TV For Hot & Humid, Tropical Locations

Some vendors have tried to get around the problem of bad weather by installing standard commercial screens in a sealed cabinet. While this is fine in an outdoor advertising context it doesn’t provide an ideal solution for outdoor entertainment. T

he cabinets are bulky and can restrict the viewing angle. In contrast a display designed specifically for outdoor applications looks almost as slim and stylish as its indoor equivalent, and yet offers a similar level of protection to a cabinet.

The new AquaLite range is encased in metal. Wiring and controls largely concealed and the LCD panel protected with 6 mm toughened glass.

The AquaLite range is rated at IP66, which is currently the best available for an outdoor LCD screen and indicates total protection against dust and temporary flooding by water. This means that the screen should withstand anything that the British summer will throw at it in terms of bad weather.

But in some respects, good weather can present equally difficult operating conditions for an outdoor LCD display. The important considerations here are glare, ambient light and heat.

All AquaLite screens, whether LED backlit or standard, are fit- ted with anti-reflective glass to filter out the worst of the sun’s light. While this is effective up to a point, the additional brightness achieved with the LED backlighting is the best defence against strong ambient light.

When compared with its direct competitors, the AquaLite is the only offering to offer the combination of 1500 candelas of brightness and Full HD. Where conditions don’t demand full power, the brightness can be adjusted by the user, delivering a high quality image with lower power consumption. While the additional brightness available from the LED backlit model commands a premium over the standard fluorescent AquaLite range, it can make a difference between viewers enjoying the game or sidling off home to watch it there.

Outdoor TV Screen Specifications

With the increasing variety of outdoor applications in mind, AquaLite LED backlit range is available in 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 82”, 100” & 136” screen sizes

The screens are all Full HD, and as such can be used for movies and promotional videos as well as sports. Text display is very legible, offering the potential to use the displays in transport and other text or numeric data applications.

All of the models in the range feature a built-in analogue and digital tuner for accessing broadcast content.

There is also an SD card slot for digital signage applica- tions, and further models are planned with a slot for a PC card for signage applications. With the toughened glass pro- tective screen extending beyond the LCD panel,

AquaLite can overprint the surround with a corporate livery for a pub chain or a hotel group, for example.


Queue Management TV Display Screens at Alton Towers

Outdoor TV Display Screens For Queue Management

Alton Towers Resort, commonly referred to as Alton Towers, is the UK’s leading tourist attraction located in the county of Staffordshire. Alton Towers consists of a theme park, water park and hotel complex and major attractions include Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, Runaway Mine Train, Congo River Rapids, Hex – The Legend of the Towers and TH13TEEN.

Alton Towers have installed Aqualite outdoor TV screens to manage queues at five of their largest rides ensuring that those people who are queuing up for the ride will see the latest promotions from the venue. Digital signage enables them to reach consumers at different touch points during the day and change the messages as and when they want to making static billboards a thing of the past.

Kim Menen of Aqualite said, ‘With record attendances expected at Alton Towers throughout the summer holidays, our client was keen to manage the queues effectively keep their visitors entertained and informed. By installing 5 x 52″ Aqualite outdoor LCD screens at the 5 biggest rides, visitors at the theme park were able to see the latest national marketing campaign and were also offered the opportunity to vote for their all time favourite ride.’AltonTowers_Nemesis

Marc from Napa Technology Ltd – who installed the screens – commentated “as we all know we have to expect rain at some stage during the British summer and the weather is really fickle at Alton Towers; with the Aqualite LCD screens IP66 rated we had peace of mind regardless of the conditions.

With the unpredictability of the weather being a major problem for outdoor events, many organisers are turning to outdoor screens to keep visitors informed.

For example the BMW PGA Golf tournament at Wentworth used four 42” Aqualite screens positioned throughout the hospitality village allowing the spectators to stay in touch with the action when away from the course.

Southfield Primary – Large TV Display Screens For Schools & Nurseries

Big TV Display Screens For Schools & Colleges

School Digital TV Display ScreensAqualite high visibility digital display screens can be installed in schools, colleges and universities to set up an indoor and outdoor information channel that can convey announcements and information to target audiences in a clear, accurate, and timely way across multiple sites or within a particular venue.

The Southfield Primary School in Luton, Bedfordshire converted to become an academy and form the Pioneer Learning Trust in January 2019, joined by Whitefield Primary Academy and Chantry Primary Academy.  The trust is a small but growing group of schools working collaboratively in partnership to achieve a shared educational vision and values.

John Taylor who heads the  ICT Department at Southfield Primary School takes up the story.

‘About 8 years ago my colleagues in the ICT department were looking for a weather proof screen to go outside as part of a new renovation for the school. Looking for a piece of tech like that back then was proving to be very difficult, and then trying to find something from an affordable manufacturer was making matters even worse, it almost seemed like it wasn’t going to happen, but luckily we found Aqualite.

I saw that Aqualite were based & manufacture in the UK and I thought it was a good idea to call in just to be sure that I was buying the right product. They were super helpful and assured me that I’d be getting exactly what I needed for the job. The screen is still up and running today after 8 years of everything the British weather has thrown at it, and after all this time I’m still receiving tremendous customer support almost a decade later.

We purchased the screen as an educational tool in the children’s playground, simple things like how & when to brush your teeth, what’s on the lunch menu, date sof up coming events & directions for parents on parents evenings etc etc

Choosing a company that manufactured their screens in the UK made things much smoother, and the fact that they clearly care about their customers will always be invaluable to us.

The screen was a fantastic addition and well worth the money. We couldn’t be happier’

Outdoor TV Display Screens Manage Queues at Chester Zoo

Entrance, Car Parking & Queue Management Display Signs

Martin King, the Head of IT at Chester Zoo explains how the new all-weather Aqualite TV display screens have been deployed to manage the queues at Chester Zoo.


“It’s been an exciting project using all of my IT team’s skills. The IT development team made the FastTrack software, and we purchased eight Acante kiosks, customising them to run our software.

We then linked them to the Aqualite overhead screens, which we can use to dynamically change the queues.

By providing a full HD picture in an Outdoor, fully IP rated screen with high brightness options ticked every box for our application

“Aqualite Outdoor TV screens were recommended to me by PureAV, and after a convincing demonstration we decided it was the right product for us. The main features that separated it from the competition were price, durability and the quality. Providing a full HD picture in an Outdoor, fully IP rated screen with high brightness options ticked every box for our application. We needed the TV displays to look good, display a great picture and have enough brightness to be seen when the sun was out in full view. We are very pleased with the product and I would recommend them to anybody seeking a similar solution”.

“We can now send prepaid visitors, groups etc. to specific queues using the screens which we can dynamically change from a web page. If we know there are lots of large groups coming through we can change some of the screens to create dedicated group entrances depending on the visitor flow on the day”.

UK Outdoor TV Displays – LED TVs, Signs, Notice & Message Boards

UK Outdoor Notice Boards, Signs & Display Screens

Midwich, the largest AV distributor in Europe , has signed a distribution deal with Aqualite Outdoor the UK manufacturer and supplier of IP66 rated waterproof and weatherproof electronic notice boards, signs and advertising display screens.

Specified and priced to help resellers make the most of opportunities presented by the summer sporting calendar, the Aqualite range of IP66 rated weatherproof displays is comprised of 32, 42 and 52-inch size formats with a choice of either LED or conventional back lighting. All Aqualite screens, whether LED backlit or standard, are fitted with anti-reflective glass, concealed USB and SD inputs, twin digital and analogue tuners, and a waterproof cable entry system that makes them ideal for hospitality and signage applications.

Lee Baker, Business Manager at Midwich, said: “All Aqualite IP66 rated displays are fitted with a 6mm panel of toughened, anti-reflective glass and offer 1,500 candelas of brightness with Full 1080p HD picture quality. The display itself is purpose built; it is not simply a screen set in a weatherproof casing. Aqualite weatherproof displays will find their niche in pub beer gardens and other outside venues, and resellers can expect to make 25% margin with additional added value opportunities.”

Kim Menen, the Director of Aqualite, said: “Midwich is a great choice to distribute the Aqualite range and this deal will undoubtedly strengthen the brand and increase awareness for a whole raft of applications. The product is not only a simple solution for the up and coming sports calendar, but also a digital signage revenue stream for the same clients in the future. Our three size formats are feature rich at what we believe is an affordable end-user price point and we already have further exciting new product developments on the horizon.”

Aqualite displays are available from Midwich and its sister companies: Owl Visual Systems, True Colours Distribution, Invision UK and Square One. Midwich also offers weatherproof displays from Sanyo.

About Midwich: Established in 1979, Midwich is the UK’s leading trade-only distributor of AV, IT and consumer electronics technology products.