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Water, Humidity, Moisture & Condensation Proof TV Display Screens

Condensation, Moisture & Humidity Resistant TV Screens

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Aqualite Outdoor TV Screens: Unmatched Moisture & Humidity Resistance

Aqualite Outdoor waterproof TVs set the standard for resilience against water in all its forms. These robust TV screens stand firm against condensation, humidity, moisture, ice, fog, rain, sleet, or snow, showcasing unparalleled durability.

Outdoor TV Screen vs. Weatherproof Enclosure: Aqualite Outdoor TV screens offer significant advantages over placing an ordinary indoor TV outside in a weatherproof cover, protective enclosure, or security casing. These purpose-built outdoor TV screens provide high-impact images in the harshest indoor and outdoor locations.

All-Weather Performance: Resistant to condensation, ensuring optimal functionality in various weather conditions. Withstands high humidity, making it suitable for diverse environments.

Cleaning Resilience: Can withstand cleaning with a high-powered pressure washer or water hose, ideal for easy maintenance.

Corrosion Resistance: Powder-coated steel casing resists corrosion and rust caused by rain, salty air, and sea water.

Silicone-Sealed Internal Components: Internal components are silicone-sealed to endure rapid changes in weather conditions.

Recessed Rear Inputs: Limits exposure to moisture and saltwater, enhancing the longevity of the TV.

Air Filtration System: Protects the TV from dust, humidity, moisture, pollution, saltwater, and salty air.

IP66 Fully Waterproof Design: Complete with IP66 fully waterproof speaker, cables, and connections.

Purpose-Built Waterproof TV Unit: Eliminates the risk of damage to electrical circuits and wiring due to direct contact with water, salt, and dust.

Business Opportunities: Aqualite Outdoor TV screens present an excellent opportunity for distributors and suppliers. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor of Aqualite waterproof, weatherproof TV screens, please contact us for more information.


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