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Why Outdoor TVs Are Better Than Weatherproof TV Enclosures

Outdoor TV Or Weatherproof TV Enclosure?

The Aqualite Outdoor range of weatherproof outdoor TV screens offer many advantagess over placing an ordinary indoor television in a weatherproof enclosure, protective cover or security casing.

What are the main problems with outdoor TV enclosures?

The cost of an outdoor TV installation can be reduced by putting a normal indoor flat screen TV inside a weatherproof cover or enclosure.

However picture quality will be severely compromised by glare from the two reflective surfaces of the TV screen and the glass enclosure.

Is it safe to place an indoor TV in an outdoor enclosure ?

With an indoor television in an enclosure there is the danger of the TV interior overheating.

This could result in damage to the television components. As the TV cools down after use, condensation may form on the delicate electronic components which could lead to electrical safety problems.

Unsafe and untidy cabling, as well as the bulk associated with placing an ordinary TV in an external casing can also cause problems.

Outdoor TVs ARE Better Than Weatherproof TV Enclosures

These purpose built outdoor TV screens give high impact images in the harshest indoor and outdoor domestic, commercial or industrial locations.

Outdoor TV -Non Reflective Anti Glare TV Screens  – With anti glare & non reflective screen coatings, TV pictures are clearly visible outside in bright day light, direct sun shine or floodlights. Also suitable for use inside in artificial or LED lighting. read more on anti glare TV screens

Outdoor TV -High Brightness Outdoor TV Displays – The brightness levels in our backlight out door TV screen automatically adjusts to give the best possible picture quality in dull and dark conditions. This also helps to save energy. read more on high brightness TV displays

Outdoor TV -Fully Sealed Waterproof Television Units  – IP66 rated TV screens are 100 % weatherproof. These TV units are resistant to moisture, sea spray, humidity, steam, fog, mist, rain, sleet, snow, salt, pollution, smoke, sand, dust, pollen and insects. read more on waterproof TV screens

Outdoor TV -Extreme Frost & Heat Proof TVs – If the weather is too hot or freezing cold, thermostatic controls keep the internal TV components at the best working temperature. Even though external temperatures may range from -20C to +55C. read more on temperature proof TVs

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