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Are you ready for the Rugby World Cup?

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Outdoor TV -
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Spanning 44 days and 20,000 hours of broadcast coverage!!
18th September – 31st October 2015, Rugby World Cup, Twickenham

Record TV viewing figures are expected for the 2015 Rugby World Cup so it’s perhaps no surprise that owners of pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants around the globe will be looking at additional ways to capitalise on this formidable tournament by generating additional revenue.

In addition to Twickenham, thirteen match venues have been confirmed to host Rugby World Cup 2015 matches; these include Wembley Stadium, Elland Road, Manchester City Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Millennium Stadium.

Set to attract over 500,000 overseas tourists and boosting the UK economy by a predicted £1 Billion! Recent research suggests that nearly 30% of all consumers are planning to watch the Rugby World Cup in a pub*

Aqualite can provide a range of outdoor screen size solutions for outdoor screening of the Rugby World Cup matches, all are IP66 rated and are proven winners for outside broadcasts. Our screens are popular for a host of commercial applications, often being used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“These great sporting events are a real boon for publicans and bar owners especially if they have outdoor smoking areas, beer gardens or terraces. By installing an outdoor TV, owners can attract customers, boost trade and allow their customers to enjoy the Rugby World Cup along with, hopefully, some decent late summer weather!”

“Ordinary indoor TV screens are not robust enough to withstand the damp, heat and dust and simply placing the screen in some form of weatherproof container or enclosure can hamper the picture quality or restrict viewing angles. The Aqualite range of outdoor display screens can withstand the extremes that a European summer can produce be it bad weather or good weather and also gives viewers the very best viewing experience.”

“They’re the perfect companion to any pub and bar which has an outside area, and before and after the big match why not use your screens to let your customers know about any competitions and promotions you’re running as well as the obvious one, food and drink offers!”

The use of multiple screens within your venue is a sure-fire winner, and this means not just inside, but outside as well to accommodate possible customer overspill. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have!

*Percentage of 1,495 surveyed nationally, Exterion Media February 2015